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a malcontent rant 03.07.2007



Clinton's Lies vs. Libby's Lies


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
Mar 7, 2:50 PM MST

(ap) - Clinton "Willfully Lied Under Oath" about the Sexual Abuse of an Unpaid Intern in the Oval Office while he was Discussing Troop Deployment with a US Congressman...

He was Impeached, Disbarred and Sanctioned by a Federal Court for it, Fined and Paid said Fine.

Libby "Lied" AFTER an Investigation into someone Else had Proven to no longer be Criminal in Nature.

Libby was not Charged with a Crime from Prior to the Investigation, he was Charged with Crimes DURING the Investigation, WELL AFTER Plame's name was Leaked.

Valerie Plame's name being Leaked was NOT a Crime.

No Person has been Charged for that Crime, and no Person EVER will be.

That Filthy Media Whore and her Traitor Husband can continue to Whine to a Sympathetic "Free Press", but the Fact remains...

Valerie Plame's "Outing" was not Criminal in Nature.

If her Identity was so Precious, then why did she give the World a Full Cover Photo Spread in Vanity Fair?...

If there's any Blood on anyone's Hands, it's on her's and her Traitor Husband's.

She Jeopardized her Career, those she Worked with her in the past when she was Covert, her Husband, and our Troops in the Field, all so that her and her Husband could Smear the President Politically in the New York Times and kick off this current and next Stage in their Political Careers...

The British Stand by the President's "16 Words" to this day, and the NYT Owes "the People" an Honest Retraction of that OpEd, and Joe Wilson Owes the American Taxpayer an HONEST and FULL Report of his Trip to Niger.

An OpEd in the NYT is NOT a "Full Report to the CIA that sent him".

It's time for some Honesty out of the Wilson's, and the Left.



tha malcontent

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