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a malcontent rant 03.08.2009



AP Willfully Ignores the Fact that Reagan Fixed Carter's Broken Economy


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
Mar 8, 03:55 AM MST

AP: "It wasn't the Great Depression. It was the 1981-82 recession, widely considered America's worst since the depression.

That painful time during Ronald Reagan's presidency is a grim marker of how bad things can get. Yet the current recession could slice deeper into the U.S. economy."

(ap) - It's been obvious for a very long time that the AP is batting for the DemocRATS, and were all but the Propaganda Wing of the Barry Campaign last year, so I will do what the AP refuses to... School you on some history in context.

Unemployment began growing in mid 1979 under Jimmy Carter, while the American people were subject to the worst "Misery Index" in this REPUBLIC's history.

The Misery Index peaked at it's ALL TIME HIGH under Jimmy Carter @ 21.98%, but you'd think by the "Free Presses" avoidance of even mentioning Carter's name, that the worst times in History have been Hoover and Reagan's... Conveniently both REPUBLICans.

Ignore the nearly 20% Unemployment rate under FDR 6 years into his Presidency, and almost 10 years after the 1929 crash, but I digress.

The Recession "officially" started shortly after Carter left office, but no honest person would deny that it was in the making years prior to it's official call.

Unemployment went from 5.6% in May of 1979 to 7.5% in January of 1981, Jimmy Carter's final month in office.

That was a 2% increase in a year and a half, and it continued to grow into Reagan's first term another 3% before Reagan turned it around, yet the AP Fails to mention Jimmy Carter's "Miserable" years, or the Fact that Reagan's policies, if any of this can be attributed to a President, saw a lowered unemployment rate, and inflation rate.

Unemployment went from it's high of 10.8 in November of 1982, consistently down to a LOW of 5.2% when he left office in 1989. It had dropped over 3 1/2% from it's peak in 1982 to the re-election of Reagan in 1984.

Another rarely observed Fact about the Carter years was that he was handed a decreasing unemployment rate.

The unemployment rate peaked in May of 1975 under Ford at 9%... By the time Carter took the Oath of Office, the unemployment rate had shrunk to 7.5% and continued the trend downward for 2 years until Carter's policies had time to stop the improvement he inherited.

If we were Serious about reversing the effects of this Recession, we'd look to what Reagan did to fix the problem he was handed, not try and attribute that Recession to him for obviously politically motivated reasons, as the AP is so clearly doing.

If the AP, and it's Candidate/Messiah, wanted to be open about a Solution today, they would look to the things that assisted this Nation out of that Recession, instead of trying to compare only the negative aspects of it, continuing the negativity that is pushing this Recession even deeper.

I have to be Honest, I am surprised that the "Free Press" and the DemocRATS are continuing this obsessive negativity. I didn't think it would last this long into 3/3 control by the DemocRATS.

The American people are only going to be told to blame Bush for this for so long... At some point in time, they will tire of the increasing unemployment and bad economy and hold those in Power responsible.

And if one of Barry's goals continues to be artificially increasing energy prices, then 2010 is looking more and more like 1994 regarding a "Change" in Power the closer it gets, and 2012 is suddenly looking like 1980 for the DemocRATS.

Damn, and just when the DemocRATS were talking about reversing the 22nd Amendment.



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tha malcontent

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