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a malcontent rant 03.10.2010



Apparently Children are Eating too many Ads


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
March 10... 4:45 PM MST

(ap) - Apparently Children are Eating too many Ads... They must be, otherwise Stories like the one below wouldn't exist.

This is yet another in a LONG line of Stories about the Issue of Fast Food and the need, according to some, of the Government to Intrude on Free Will and the Free Market.

Experts Say Ads Make Kids Fat

Experts Say Ads Make Kids Fat : NPR

"First Lady Michelle Obama has begun nationally promoting her campaign to combat childhood obesity. And she says the media plays a major role in the problem."

First of all, who in the HELL is Michelle Obama?... The title of this NPR Story/Segment is "Experts Say Ads Make Kids Fat"... Is Michelle an "Expert" at something aside from riding Coattails and keeping the Scent of Gay off of a Certain someone?...

And to the "Experts"... The Problem isn't "Ads"... It's Parents who don't want to be Responsible for their Children.

Kids are NOT a Hobby nor are they Status Symbols like so many of your other "things", you Self-involved Bastards!...

These are the same Douche-bags who Feel that they can drop their Kids off at School and NEVER have to be Personally Involved with their Upbringing outside of Paying Bills, (which MANY on the Gubmn't Teat don't even do), and then when Johnny or Jane Fail in Life, they point their Fat little Entitled fingers @ the Schools.

YOU have to be Involved with your Children... 8 Year Olds aren't Driving themselves to McDonald's and getting Fat on that TRIPE by themselves, Parents.

McDonald's doesn't Force WEAK Wills on People... You are Responsible for what you do or don't do and STOP Blaming Advertising and "Big Evil Corporations" for your Fucking LACK of Self Control!

Stop Asking the Government to do your Job for you as a Parent... Or don't have Children.

The Last thing I want to see is Michelle Obama Pushing an Agenda that's going to eventually cause me to Pay MORE Taxes and give Marxists like her Husband and his Party MORE Control over my Life...

It's already being done and Suggested to be done MORE with these Weak Whiney Groups going to Congress and Demanding there be a Law that creates a Backbone for them!

And wait until they are trying to balance the Gubmn't Healthcare Budget Years from now...

If you SHEEPle continue to invite the Government into your Lives they will Eventually Control EVERY Aspect of it.

Liberals Claim to be about "Choice" in Word... But only if it's the "Choices" that they Agree with or are willing to ALLOW you to make.

How much of your Daily Life are you willing to let the Beast Control because you are too Apathetic and Self-Involved to do the Right things on your own?

When you Finally Realize what I am saying, you may NOT have a "Choice" in the Matter... Think about it.



tha malcontent



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