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a malcontent rant 03.12.2008



White Liberal Guilt May Never be More Prevalent


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
Mar. 12, 5:05 AM MST


(ap) - DemocRATS/Liberals will be Filled with Guilt Regardless of who Wins this Primary.

The Left has a Problem... Somebody's got to Lose this Primary.

But they have another Problem... A Black or a Women is going to be the Loser.

This has got to be Causing Stress for Many Libs that can't even be Quantified.

No Matter who Wins, it will be Bloody... And in that, More Guilt for Attacking a Woman or a Black will Pile and Pile.

But Regardless, a Woman or a Black is going to be the Loser, even if there is a "Dream Ticket", cause HILLARY! has already been Vice President and Barack Hussein Obama isn't about to go to the Back of the White House Bus Ticket!

And with Comments like Geraldine Ferraro's Recently, it only Promises to get MORE Entertaining, not Less as the Spring and Summer Approaches!

If you want to Enjoy some Good LibRadio, Listen Now!... It's Political Cannibalism at it's Best!


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tha malcontent

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