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a malcontent rant 03.12.2010



Obama's Policies Saved or Created 140 Million Jobs in his First Year


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
March 12... 4:35 PM MST

(ap) - Before you question my Logic, consider this... Had it not been for the Messianic One, we would almost certainly have fallen into another Great Depression, if not the End of Civilization itself� At least according to the Savior's Teleprompter.

Barry regularly Claims that his Administration�s Policies are Saving and or Creating Jobs and this number has fluctuated in silly ways depending on who the Messenger of the Big O is...

Taking those Absurd and Unprovable Claims to their Logical Extreme, Barry might as well be Claiming to have Saved or Created 140 Million Jobs in his First Full Year in Office, because it would be just as Rational as some of the things he and his Disciples are Claiming right now.

Hell, they have even Claimed the Success that (43) Enjoyed during his Presidency Post-Surge in Iraq, something EVERY single last one of them Opposed!

As far as I'm Concerned, The Messiah has not only Saved or Created 140 Million Jobs, he's also Responsible for NOT ONE KATRINA on his Watch, you haven't seen a Skyscraper Collapse, the Sun still Rises in the East, Water continues to be Wet and once again ALL the little Children in America can enjoy Lollipops now that the Evil Empire is gone!...

Oh wait... He just checked with Michelle... Those are going to be Heavily Taxed now and likely Banned... Scratch that... Replace it with... A Toyota Prius in EVERY driveway!... It's for the Earth, after all!

Doesn't the Prius run on Electrified Gerbils from algore Junior's Dungeon?... Stick your foot out that ****ing Tinkertoy and Stop that Bitch Flintstone Style you Whiners!

As for the 140 Millions Jobs I Referenced:

As of End of Year 2009: Full Time: 112,634,000 Part Time: 27,244,000

(Source U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics)




tha malcontent



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