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a malcontent rant 03.14.2009



Solar is the Farce I Knew it was


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
Mar 14, 05:55 AM MST

(ap) - So I am reading a story here in my local paper, the "Westminster Window", about a Solar Project that will be completed by 2013, or at least that's when it "must be built" by.

It will cost 16 million to build... At least.

The "planners" claim it will eliminate the cost of powering a large portion of toll road when completed, which they claim is $11,000 a month currently, but they concede the net benefit from this conversion will be in 20 years...

They hope.

It will require about 5,000 Solar Panels in 26 places along a stretch of toll way here in Colorado known as the Northwest Parkway toll road.

5,000 solar panels... Five ****ing THOUSAND solar panels... To light a *** **** road.

But what's even MORE Entertaining than that, is the lack of forward thinking that has the �Planners� making Idiotic assertions like, "...the Parkway is not likely to hire employees to take care of the panels, which only need the occasional hosing down and shoveling when it snows".

Memo to Central Planning: 5,000 panels, located in 26 places along miles of road, occasionally getting hosed down, will require employees... This is the same type of short sighted idiocy that has the American Left failing in so many other areas in Public and Private life.

As for "shoveling"... Seriously, these people are about as Ignorant a group of �planners� as I have ever witnessed.

We have the "occasion" to get 2 and 3 FEET of snow in the Rocky Mountain West, which could very easily damage any or all of those 5,000 Solar Panels and that's not even considering the lack of employees that they are boasting about, that it would take to deal with those kinds of storms�

Simply getting to the panels on one of our infamous snow days would be a chore.

The kicker is this... solar panels and hail storms are not Allies...

Get it?

Colorado gets hail storms that have soft ball sized hail...

It can Kill you.

It could destroy all 5,000 of those panels in a half hour.

If it takes 5,000 solar panels to light a *** **** Highway, what do you think it's going to take to light a city?...

If the "Climate Change Monkey's Formerly Known as Global Warming Hysterians" are HONESTLY concerned about rising temperatures on Mother Earth, (which if the claim that temps are rising are true, are more due to the Heat Island Effect than any amount of Big Fat Bald White Oil that we Burn), then they would seriously consider the "effect" that 5,000 sun soaking, heat generating panels are going to do to the temperature, all to light a road and some signs... Signs that only a few years ago required NO power!

When they do this, and I am damned sure they will, I will be the first to spit my Whysky in their faces laughing at them after the first hail storm, which they are refusing to even consider because they are drunk on the Algore�s an Island Effect of their rose colored glasses on this subject.

It�s most concerning to me that idiots like these now enjoy 3/3�s control in our Federal Gubmn�t�

And it should concern you also.



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tha malcontent

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