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a malcontent rant 03.17.2011



New Orleans vs. Japan: A Tale of Two Natural Disasters

By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief March 17,
12:55 PM MST

(ap) - Something struck me in the days following the tragic events of Nature that have all but crippled much of Japan for the last week.

I am sure that many have observed the same thing and probably hesitated, as I have, to mention it...

Until now.

It was the Japanese and their almost superhuman way of dealing with a catastrophe of this magnitude.

Now, you are probably wondering, why is that something you would hesitate to mention?...

That's because I was almost immediately reminded of America's last similar event now infamously known as "Katrina".

What will follow is what I have hesitated to say...

There is a stark contrast of how each event was handled by it's respective people, or should I say, how some handled Katrina here in America and how it was portrayed in the "Free Press".

Some of the things I've noticed between the two was the amount of warning that each population had and the severity of the destruction that followed.

If you were just a casual observer of the news, as many are, you might have assumed that Katrina only hit New Orleans hard, and that that city's preparation, response and the events that followed was indicative of the entire Gulf region that was hit by Katrina.

It simply was not.

You should remember that Katrina was a Hurricane that gave the Gulf ample warning of its arrival, and most in the Gulf region heeded that warning days in advance.

The Earthquake in Japan gave no warning, and the Tsunami that followed almost the same.

Katrina did FAR worse damage to areas in Mississippi than it did in New Orleans, yet most only remember, incorrectly, that New Orleans was the "Ground Zero" of the catastrophe.

This had less to do with the Hurricane and more to do with the improper preparation and the flooding that followed.

And one other key element that draws a significant distinction between New Orleans and Japan...

The Human Response... Not only the response of the individuals in New Orleans, but the authorities and of course their accomplices in the "Free Press".

By contrast, what you have not seen in Japan is people looting... Finger pointing... Laying around waiting for assistance... Or ignorantly blaming leaders for a Natural event and an ALWAYS imperfect response.

This wasn't the case in the entire Gulf region, but it was clearly the response in New Orleans.

In Mississippi, there were entire towns that looked like some of towns in Japan do now... Wiped off the map.

You didn't hear Mississippians demanding that the Government, specifically George W. Bush, get down there and fix the disaster that he had created... Yes, I said that he created... I believe it was Spike Lee who first eluded to such Absurdity.

And you don't hear the Japanese doing it either...

Along with not seeing the Japanese engaging in looting, you also don't see the Police in these regions looting.

You see Japanese citizens risking their very Lives to stop this reactor from melting down and all of the authorities doing everything humanly possible to get people out... ALL of these people risking their own Lives... Civilian and Authority alike.

If you will remember, the New Orleans Police were caught looting after Katrina along with a laundry list of other Crimes and wrongs.

Can you imagine a nuclear reactor being the responsibility of Blanco or Nagin or Nagin's looting and or MIA police force?

The Fact that some in the US were so quick to blame others for a Natural disaster, and so unwilling to heed warnings days in advance, and then to take advantage of the disaster for purely selfish, political and even Racist reasons, doesn't paint a portrait of America like the almost collective response of the Japanese paints a portrait of their people.

No, it paints a portrait of New Orleans... And it's leaders... And Liberals in general in the modern day.

Those leaders, from the Governor to the Mayor, were a product of the people who Elected them and reflection of them.

But New Orleans was not a reflection of America, regardless of how the "Free Press" wanted to paint it.

I would hope, no... I KNOW that MOST Americans would respond like those in Mississippi did to Katrina...

Quietly picking up the pieces and rebuilding their communities without the need to get in front of a camera and demand that a President they didn't Vote for get down there and fix it... And don't forget to bring the money!

New Orleans' response to Katrina is like the Liberal response to just about everything...

What can other people do for me because I can't do for myself.

An Illness that Liberals in Power have perpetuated on it's Constituency for Generations now with the specific intent of furthering a Dependent base that's dependably there to Vote for them every other year.

So if you run across someone remembering and comparing Katrina to the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan as I have, and they are hammering on us for how the Liberals in New Orleans handled it and using it to blame Boooosh again, you remind them of Mississippi and reject being compared to or expected to take responsibility for the actions of those in New Orleans.

That is theirs to own, not ours.

And then applaud the Japanese... Because they deserve it.




tha malcontent



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