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a malcontent rant 03.19.2010



Hi Census!... We are (2) "Negros", an "Asian Indian" and a Potato


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
March 19... 10:35 PM MST


(ap) - I got yer "YOUR RESPONSE IS REQUIRED BY LAW" Swingin', Bitches!...

I put my Wife down as "Black, African Am., or Negro"... My Daughter as "Asian Indian" and my Son as "Potato"...

Of course, I put down, "Extremely Light Skinned Cool and the Gang Negro with NO Negro Dialect unless I want one" for my Bad Self.

The Question is... If this is about how you "Indentify", is what I did Wrong?...

And what will they do if they find me?... I wouldn't go into Southside East Westminster if I didn't already Live here!

Should be Interesting!

Also, what in the HELL is the Distinction between "Black, African Am., or Negro"?...

Is that like a Korean/Japanese thing?... Because I Know you don't want to Assume someone is Japanese if they are Korean.

I was under the Impression that all (3) in the "Negro" Category on the Census were one in the Same.

If they were Looking to NOT Offend anyone, they Caught the Fail Train on that one!

One more thing...

Where is "Arab"... "Afro-Asian"?... The Pakistanis get a mention but not "Iranians"?... The "Sodomites"?... The "Ghamoreans"?... Yet we have "Guamanians" on the Census?... Don't US Service People Outnumber Guamanians in Guam?...

And what about all of the "and so on"'s?... I'm Certain they don't Appreciate that seemingly Forced Mention.

Who makes these Decisions?

I Feel a جهاد‎ Brewing over this.




tha malcontent



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