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a malcontent rant 03.20.2008



Memo to Libs/DemocRATS: It's not that we Believe America is Perfect.


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
Mar. 20, 4:20 AM MST


(ap) - It's that we don't Care to Dwell on the Historic Wrongs, Real or Perceived in a Disturbingly Incessant Manner.

That's what God made Liberals for.

Of course America is Flawed... Perfection is not a Realistic Possibility Except in the Naive Minds of FAR too Many Liberals.

The only Liberals I have Respect for are the ones who Consistently Hate on, and Bash this Country, REGARDLESS of who is in Power.

Those Liberals/DemocRATS who Suddenly get Loud about EVERYTHING Negative when they are out of Political Power, are the Worst Kind of Citizens, in my Opinion.

I didn't Hammer on this Country and it's History During Clinton/Algore from 1992 to 2000...

And not Many Liberals did either.

Before that, During Reagan... They Sure did...

After that, During (43)... They Sure are.

It's for this Reason that I almost Want HILLARY! to Win this Election.

I want to Document the Tone Change and Negative Nancying Disappearing when the DemocRATS have 3/3's Control, even though NOTHING will have Really Changed.

We went from the Greatest Economy in History in Early January 2001 and Surpluses for a Quarter of a Century, to "Signs of Recession" and Negativity a Week after (43) Took Office, and not a Month after being told that we had 25 Years of Surpluses and Utopia Coming.

Now I want to see the Reverse of that.

Talk of "another Great Depression" will Stop the Second a DemocRAT is Sworn in... I Guarantee it.


Focusing on the Positive Economic Numbers, Gains in the (2) Wars, etc., etc.

Excuses for why we have to Stay in Iraq will Begin Flowing from the Mouths of DemocRATS, Elected and SHEEPishly Dedicated Constituents alike.

I will be here to Document it when it Happens...

And I Assure you, if a DemocRAT is President in 2009, it will.


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tha malcontent

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