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a malcontent rant 03.21.2006



US Military Casualties in Iraq down 68% in (6) Months


By tha malcontent (Direct Descendent of the Founding Fathers! - tha malcontent)
ap/afp Editor in Chief
March 21, 10:50 AM MST

(ap) - Let's take a look at US Casualties in Iraq over the past 6 months, something the "Free Press" has Apparently been Ignoring for some Unknown Reason now for a couple of months:

As of 03.22.2006: 21 US Casualties / 1.05 per day
02.2006: 55 US Casualties / 2.07 per day
01.2006: 62 US Casualties / 2.06 per day
12.2005: 68 US Casualties / 2.19 per day
11.2005: 84 US Casualties / 2.87 per day
10.2005: 96 US Casualties / 3.19 per day

So the way I read those numbers is that the US Military has Improved Casualties in Iraq for our Troops from over (3) a day to (1) a day in (6) Months.

If Casualties Increase from (1) a day to (3) a day, I Guarantee that the "Free Press" will NOT Ignore that as they have this (6) Decline.

Instead, the "Free Press" is Focusing on Iraqi Casualties, because Negativity is the Product they Sell, and they Sell it well when an (R) is @ 1600.

Was the "Free Press" not Parroting the DemocRATS calls for the Iraqis to start taking Responsibility for their Country and start carrying more of the Burden?...

So that's what's happening, as the numbers Prove, and yet the "Free Press" continues to Paint only a Picture of Failure in Iraq.

There will not continue to be the same Drive to Attack Iraqis as there is to Attack our Soldiers, and this will Eventually Remedy itself WITH our Assistance, and that has been the Plan all along.

As you go through your day today and continue to hear the Drone of Failure and Death in Iraq from the "Free Press", remember, there are Improvements, and one of them is our Casualty Rate, the #1 Concern for Americans according to almost every Poll I have read regarding Iraq II...

Down from (3) a day to (1) day in (6) Months.

If the "Free Press" Focused on this instead of giving Aid and Comfort to our Enemy with this Constant Drone of Negativity since the Fall of Baghdad, this "Insurgency" might not have the Strength or Confidence it currently has.

Maybe the "Free Press" could try Positivity regarding the Side that Affords them the First Amendment they are Abusing, just to see what happens in Iraq when our Enemy is not Bolstered and Sympathized with by them.

Until then, I would Assume our Enemy is Enjoying the Current Coverage from America's "Free Press"... Why wouldn't they?...


After all, according to Elected DemocRATS and the "Free Press" that Parrots them, our Soldiers are Comparable to the Nazis and even the Terrorists they Fight, isn't that Correct, Senator Durbin (D)?... Senator Kerry (D)?...


Who's Side are you on?




tha malcontent

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