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a malcontent rant 03.22.2009



Why are Liberals such Cowards when it comes to Islam?


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
Mar 22, 06:00 PM MST

(ap) - There probably isn't a Culture on Earth that is more Intolerant, Racist, Homophobic, and Oppressive towards Women than Islam, and yet the American Left tends to Excuse them, and in too many cases, they Side with them, even Against our Soldiers in War.

Why is this?

The American Left is quick to Attack the American Christian Church for not Embracing Deviancy, or for saying that Homemaking is a Great Life Choice for Women if they don't want the Career path, and SHOCK!, it may be what�s best for Children!� And they Attack Christians in a Vitriolic, Hateful and Intolerant way for these harmless Beliefs.

But when Islamists Kill Homosexuals for being Homosexual, or Murder Woman for having been Raped, or when they call for the Murder of ALL Jews, the Left almost Applauds it with their Silence and or Excusing of it.

Oh, wait... I Know... Speaking out against Islam can get you Killed... Liberals only Talk a Tough Game on Human Rights when they got no "Skin in the Game", as it were.

Courageous, the American Left... Isn't.

They Know that almost no Christian is going to Kill them for Attacking Christianity� While MANY Islamists, including Islamic Law, would have them Killed for their Opinions alone.

Impress me Liberals� Go to the Middle East and take a stand for Women�s Rights and put your money where you Dishonest, politically expedient mouths are.

Hell, take a stand Against it here on the Relative Safety of your own Soil for once, for God's Sake.

You Know it's Wrong, yet you hide your Opinions because you are Cowards....

Sleep well.



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tha malcontent

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