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a malcontent rant 03.22.2010



Complaining about Out of Power Republicans isn�t a Plan, Libertarians


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
March 22... 12:45 PM MST


(ap) - Continuing to Complain about out of Power Republicans isn�t a plan, Libertarians� And what�s worse, it�s not even an Honest Complaint in the Year 2010.

It�s been since the Fall of 2006 that the GOP has been Out of Power in the House and Senate, and since the Fall of 2008 @ 1600 with the Ascension of Obama the Messianic.

Yet for some reason, I continue to hear �Libertarians� and their Purist �Independent� Parrots Complaining about REPUBLICans Obsessively.

Yesterday�s HCR Vote wasn�t about REPUBLICans, Purists!�The GOP Voted AGAINST that Socialism 100% and had some DemocRATS Voting with them.

The REPUBLICan�s were ALL on the Correct Side of that Legislation, yet today I Hear and Read the same Old Self-Anointed �True Conservatives� continuing to Bitch about the GOP.

Get a new tune, REAL fast People� And this time, make it an Honest one!

Your Sheep�s Clothing is Tattered and Torn from the Abuse of your own Dishonest Words and Actions over the last half Decade and it�s Exposing you for the Frauds and Societal Anarchists that almost ALL of you are.

Most of you are beyond Redemption at this point because you have continued to Complain about REPUBLICans since 2006 and been all but Supportively Silent as the DemocRATS Rape the Constitution with the Power that YOU Purists Assisted them in Gaining with Pointless Candidates like Jones (L) in Montana in 2006

That support of an (L) gave the DemocRATS a Loyal Liberal Vote in Jon Tester (D) in the Senate, who Unseated the CONSERVATIVE, Conrad Burns (R) ONLY because there was that Pointless �Option�.


The Crybaby Sideliners used that (L) to make Mischief with and have some Misplaced Sense of Mattering for once on the Courageous Sidelines from where they Point their Dishonest Fingers and hold NO Responsibility for their Complaints and Whining.

When you have Conservatives to Vote for, you still don�t do it, so save me the, �The REPUBLICans need to put up Conservatives for us to Vote for�, Crap, because you have Proven with your Actions like those in Montana, that it�s just that� Crap.

The Blood from Yesterday is on MANY of your Hands along with the DemocRATS you continue to Support in your Silence as they Assault this Country, it�s People and their Freedoms.

If you were True to your Supposed Cause, you would be Screaming 10 times as Loud at the DemocRATS right now for what they are doing Legislatively, and Applauding the REPUBLICans for Voting the Right way Yesterday.

Instead, you are not� And in the End, that�s what Defines you, and we FINALLY have Undeniable Proof of what you REALLY are and what I have Known in my Heart you have always been for Years�

Frauds and Anarchists with a Common Enemy...


Too Bad the Libertarian's Enemy is NOT the Party that Proved itself the Enemy of the Constitution Yesterday, instead your Enemy is the Party that Voted Against that TRIPE.


Give that some Thought before you Meltdown about Reality again as an Unfortunate number of you are Prone to do all too Often.



tha malcontent



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