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a malcontent rant 03.24.2010



Obama and the DemocRATS could be Rounding up Libertarians


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
March 24... 10:45 AM MST


(ap) - Obama and the DemocRATS could be Rounding up Libertarians and Herding them into Concentration Camps, and the FIRST thing out of Most of their Mouths would be Complaining about "what a Liberal Boooosh is", and how "the GOP aren't Real Conservatives" and "they Need to start putting up some Candidates that are REAL Conservatives, Damned Neo-Cons, RINOs, blah, blah, blah..."

If you are not one of these Libertarians, then don't take Offense to this...

If you are, Shut the **** up... (43) is on the Ranch now and the GOP ain't had Power since Unemployment was 5%!... That would be 2006 for you Compound Living (L)'s... FOUR YEARS AGO!

Before the Constitution and our Pocketbooks (those of us who still have money) are Raped any Further by this Tyrant and his Party, Figure out a way to get them out of Office.

Complaining about the GOP ain't gettin' ANY DemocRAT out of Office, including the Messianic One!

They are the ones doing the Damage NOW... And a LOT of it!

You might as well be Bitching about Nixon at this point.

If you are Tired of me Bitching about Libertarians... Think about what you Libertarians have sounded like for Years about REPUBLICans while the DemocRATS have been Directly Attacking the Constitution and the American People with the Blessing of your Silence.



tha malcontent



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