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a malcontent rant 03.29.2011



AP Fact Checks Obama on Libya, but Buries the Story

By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief March 29,
10:40 AM MST

(ap) - The Morning After Barry was to Explain his War in Libya:

The Associated Press | The essential global news network (As of 8AM MST 03.29.2011)

Libyan rebels retreating after Gadhafi onslaught
Syrian Cabinet resigns amid unrest
Home prices falling in most major US cities
Japan vows to review nuclear safety standards

Curiously Absent 12 hours after Barry Addressed this New War of his, the AP doesn't have this on its Main Wire:

News from The Associated Press

Buried in the wee hours of the Mornin': Mar 29, 3:07 AM EDT

^In this AP Story, the Mother of ALL News Destroys the President's Speech. Later, the Left will point to this and other Stories like it as their Objective take on the President...

Problem is, they Headlined these Fact Checks after Dubya gave Speeches about War Addressing the Nation with his Justifications.

The AP has Deliberately Buried this Story the Morning after.

Barry LAST NIGHT: "And tonight, I can report that we have stopped Gadhafi's deadly advance."

The AP THIS MORNING: Libyan rebels retreating after Gadhafi onslaught

Forget that he's DEAD Wrong in under a day of uttering those words, the Debate should be about Obama's Hypocrisy, which is Abject and Offensive.

From Gitmo not being Closed, to Afghanistan being Expanded, to his New War in Libya...

This after saying as a US Senator in 2007 when Hammering Dubya: "The president does not have the power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation... History has shown us time and again ... that military action is most successful when it is authorized and supported by the legislative branch."

Let's not forget the Co$t of War... In the short Period that Barry has had us Engaged in Libya, he has spend a HALF A BILLION DOLLAR$...

First Read - Libya war cost

Can you Imagine what that money could have done for Struggling Public Schools where Americans are currently losing their jobs and Children are being packed into even larger classrooms?

But why be Selfish...

Barry Claims this War is about Humanity, and Stopping a Dictator from Oppressing and Killing Innocents...


Why does he, a Half Black Man, Deliberately Ignore the Genocide that is a Common, Everyday occurrence in Sub-Saharan Africa?

If the Left was Honest about this Man, they would be Screaming 10 TIMES as Loud about what Barry is doing as they did Dubya...

Dubya didn't Run on not doing what he did and he Certainly didn't have a lot of Choice following 9/11...

Barry has an Uprising in Libya for his Justification for War?

If this were Bush, the Left would be Rioting right now over War #3.

The Fact that they are showing a only slight amount of faux Concern, if any, about these last 2 years is an Illustration of just how Dishonest and Partisan they were for 8 solid years under Bush.

They are not to be taken Seriously in the Future when Complaining about a President that they didn't Vote for.

They are simply NOT Honest People.

Today should be more than enough Proof of that.





tha malcontent



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