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a malcontent rant 03.30.2006



They are either Illegal or they are Not...


By tha malcontent (Direct Descendent of the Founding Fathers! - tha malcontent)
ap/afp Editor in Chief
March 30, 10:55 AM MST

(ap) - Either every Person in this Country in Violation of Immigration is a Criminal, or they are not.

I have yet to hear the Plan from my Side that is Consistent and Honest in dealing the entire Problem we face..

Does Laura Ingraham and Tom Tancredo (R) want to Mass-Deport ALL of the Illegals?...

If not, then how many?...

And how do you Choose?

We need to Secure the Border for a number of Reasons, and these are a few:

1.) Terrorism.

2.) Criminals from many Countries, primarily Mexico and Central America.

3.) Drugs.

4.) Gangs.

5.) The US Economy is being Unrealistically Propped up by Illegals.

My Solution is a Concession that we cannot Remove them all, as Reagan Conceded when Granted FULL Amnesty as the Answer.

Build a Fence and Create Jobs Guarding and Monitoring it.

Realistically Document those who want to come Forward who have jobs and want to Work and be Known...


And then, over time, Deal with the rest.

The Federal Agency that would be Inflated to deal with "all" of the Illegals in a timely fashion, would Dwarf all of the Government combined, and is not Rational to even Consider.

But we must stop the Bleeding at the Border for National Security, and for the Safety of Individual Citizens who are more and more, every single day, getting in the crossfire of Illegals in Gangs, and Homegrown Gangs, and they are also being Targeted with Crime by these Illegals.

Even if we remove the Incentive for Illegals to come here by Punishing Employers, the Gang Element will always come because there will always be a Market for it.

Seal the Borders, and deal with the Mess that is the Reality of Millions of Illegals who are already Established here.

One more Thought...

The first American Born Family that is Wrongfully Removed from this Country under a "Mass Deportation", will be the Political End of every Politician who Signed off on it.

And it wouldn't be just one Family or Person.

When some American was Murdered in an Internment Camp in Mexico after being Wrongfully Deported, my Party would Suffer the same Losses they saw after Nixon Resigned.

Think about the Battle you guys are Pushing for before you find yourself Destroyed by it.


Some things Feel really good to say... But in Reality, if Implemented, can become Worse than the Problem at hand.


A little Less Feely, and a little More Thinky on this one, mmmkay!



tha malcontent

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