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a malcontent rant 04.02.2009



Obama wants America to be Less Dominant


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
Apr 02, 06:42AM MST

(ap) - Only in a Liberal Reality would this Make sense...

Step up on economy, Obama warns G20

Don't count on voracious' U.S., he says

Washington Post

London - On the eve of a global economic summit in London, President Barack Obama delivered an unusual warning Wednesday for an American leader: The "voracious" U.S. economy can no longer be the sole engine of global growth.

The contention signaled a recognition of a new economic era with a less dominant U.S. role. Although Obama said the United States should not miss "an opportunity to lead" the way out of the crisis, he suggested he would not be the globe's financial decider. "I came here to listen," he said, "not to lecture."

His words also amounted to a challenge to world leaders that is at the core of the differences at today's summit. As more than 20 heads of state write a plan to combat the crisis, major European powers are firmly resisting calls to further open their coffers and cut taxes to breathe new life into the global economy.


^Only Liberals Feel this way...

America's Dominance is the Primary Vehicle for Freedom around the Globe, and has been for Generations.

Apply "Less Dominant" to anything and everything, because if you Think that Liberals are going to Stop with America's Dominance at the Economic Level, then you are Mistaken.



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