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a malcontent rant 04.13.2009



End Hate: What it Means to Be Transracial


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
Apr 13, 11:03 AM MST

(ap) - A transracial person is a person whose inner sense of being whatever race and/or their racial expression (their behavior, clothing, haircut, voice, and body characteristics) differ from the race assigned to them at birth. While they may have been born White, they may have always felt themselves to be Black.

Some transracial individuals express their sense of race in their dress, mannerisms, and social roles. Other may require pigment, surgical procedures or hair transplants to bring their bodies into better congruence with their racial identities.

In either case, racial identity as experienced by the individual is the key. While many people confuse transracial and multiracial people, it is important to note that being transracial does not imply any specific race; transracial people may identify with one or more races, or even all.

Because transracial people do not conform to society�s expectations for how any specific race should dress and act, they are often harassed and discriminated against. They face a multitude of obstacles in daily life including safety and physical security concerns, employment discrimination, legal obstacles, and lack of access to important health care.



A Response...


I couldn't agree more with this astute and refreshing definition of someone like myself whose inner truth is tarnished by an external shell, which upon viewing, one might be so inclined to label as "Male Caucasian". That couldn't be further from the truth. Simply put, I'm black as night on the inside and a lesbian to boot! Hookin up wit da boot! Knockin boots! Fo real, I BE ONE SLUTTY SKEEZA and I gots me da Jungle fever reeeeeeeaaaaaaaal haaaaaaaaaard! If girlfrien got back, I gots yo back girlfrien! And you know dat I be seeking reparation. Don�t be thinkin I won�t swing da udda way for ma sugar daddy�UNCLE SAM! Mmmhmmm.

One Bacadeus
ap/afp Hispanic World Correspondent

Reporting from Santa Barbara Cali... Bitches.




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