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a malcontent rant 04.13.2011



Being Against Abortion Funding is being FOR Women getting Breast Cancer?

By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief April 13,
6:00 AM MST

(ap) - Yep... That's what I was Hearing on Bill Press this Morning as he and some Liberal Activist were making that Case...

Now, I Admittedly do NOT Know the Details of Proposed Cuts to Unplanned Parenthood, but I would Suggest this...

Defund the Abortion Service Portion of the Organization via Taxpayers Funds.

It can be done, and it can be Documented.

If you want to Kill your Unborn Baby, YOU Pay for it.

As for Breast Cancer Screenings, Paps etc., etc....

Please, to paint those who are Against Abortion as wanting Women to not get their Cancer Caught Early as to Save their Lives...

Well, it's as Dishonest as Liberals get.

And even if Unplanned Parenthood had ALL Taxpayer Funds cut, Medicaid and Medicare and other State and Federal Programs provide for the NEEDED Services...

Selfish Irresponsibility and the want to Murder over it, shouldn't be the Taxpayer's Burden.

Carry on.




tha malcontent



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