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a malcontent rant 04.16.2008



What Percentage of Liberals Hate Work in General?


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
Apr. 16, 04:28 AM MST

(ap) - What Percentage of Liberals Hate Work in General?

Most of the People I Hear Bitching about their Jobs are Liberals... Ironically, they are the one's Bitching the Loudest about there being no Jobs...

They Bitch about Everything there is Surrounding Work... Conditions, Hours, Pay...

They Attempt to Legislate in Pay Rates NOT Based on Skills and Merit of Individuals or Trades/Jobs, but Simply what they Refer to Socialistically as a "Living Wage".

"You can't Buy a House and Support a Family on what McDonald's Pays!", they Declare Ignorantly and Hysterically.

At Entry Level in a Fast Food Restaurant, you are NOT Supposed to be Earning a Living Wage... It's an Unskilled Entry Level Labor Position.

If you are Attempting to have a Career with McDonald's or Wal-Mart, you can Certainly Work your way up to Asst. Manager and Manager Positions and Make WAY More than the Minimum Wage.

Hell, in D-Town, both have Starting Pay ABOVE Minimum Wage to begin with, and Law from State or the Federal Gubmn't was Required for that, even in this Miserable Great Depression we are Living in. (Please, Read that as the Sarcastic Take on the Chicken Littles on the Left and their Incessant Whining about our Economy simply because "Dubya's" still President.)

If ALL Workplaces had a Base Pay that could Afford an Employee a Home and enough Money to Support a Family, why would anyone Finish High School?... Get a Skill?... Learn a Trade?... Go to College?...

Liberals Rarely Think about the Results of their Emotional Outbursts, and when it's just that, it's Relatively Harmless.

It's when Liberals get into Positions of Making Law and having Real Influence over things that these Ignorant and Hysterical Tendencies become Dangerous.

Liberals look at Successful People and Resent them or Wonder how they must Screw People to have the Things they have and the "Career" they have, and those Liberals who have Wealth, Feel Guilty for Having when others do not, and Act Accordingly.

Jealously and Guilt are a Powerful Motivators to Complain, to Make "Change", and to Oppress... Even if those doing it have the Best of Intentions.


The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions, and Liberal Policy over the Decades has Proven that in Many of their Inner City Hells that they have had Control of or all of that Time.


Generations of People so Dependent on the Gubmn't Teat that when there are Jobs that Pay Better than Minimum Wage, they are "Above that", and would Rather Sit in their Subsidized Apartments and Play Video Games or Watch Soap Operas.


It is my Firm Belief that Generations of Making those who Provide Jobs "The Enemy" of the Worker, has Fostered this Problem in this Country.


And this Hatred of Work and the Employer, and the "Us and Them" Mentality that Comes from it Lies Directly at the Feet of the DemocRAT Party, as does the Fallout of it in the Communities it Most Affects.

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tha malcontent

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