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a malcontent rant 04.22.2008



Liberals View the Soldiers as Children and Helpless Victims


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
Apr. 22, 11:00 AM MST

(ap) - "We all have One Goal... To Save these Kid�s Lives" Err Amerika Lib Looking Down on the Men and Women who Volunteer to serve this Nation (As Uses in Advertising for that Boulder Station), and putting himself and Liberal Radio Listeners in the Position of �Saving� them from Something... Classic Liberal Mentality.

It�s Arrogance Defined.

We have an all Volunteer Force in 2008� This is NOT 1968 and we are NOT Drafting People Against their Will to Fight this Fight.

They are Re-Re-Re-Uping to do this Job in Iraq... To FINISH this Job in Iraq Successfully.

Yet the American Left Feels like they are Childlike Victims who Need Saving.

If the Liberals/DemocRATS had any Shame, or an Ounce of Honesty�

I Choose to Let the Soldiers Speak for themselves via their Actions�

And their Actions are Speaking Volumes to what they themselves want.


If your Complaint is the Tax Money that is not going to your Lazy and Dependent Constituency, then be Honest about it...


But Please, for the Love of God, Stop Speaking for the American Soldier.


They didn't Ask you to, and I am Damned Sure, at least from those I have Spoken with, that the VAST Majority of them don't what you to.


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tha malcontent

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