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a malcontent rant 04.25.2008



How Barack Hussein Obama Becomes a Statesman


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
Apr. 25, 2:30 AM MST

(ap) - Let's Face Reality, Barry is Relatively a Young Man in the Game of Politics, not only in Experience, but also in Actual Age.

HILLARY!, on the other Hand, will let go of this Nomination when you Pry it from her Cold Dead Hands (Rest in Peace, Chuck!), Specifically because she is NOT Young.

Barry has MANY More Chances at the White House in his Career, and if DemocRATS were being Analytical about him, and Less Emotional, they would have to Admit that his going for 1600 after Not even Finishing his First Term in the US Senate makes him Look like an Over Anxious Junior Higher behind the School Trying to get to 2nd Base with the Cutest Girl in School who just Happened by him.

Here's my Suggestion to Barry, and it might Guarantee he Wins the White House in the next couple of Presidential Contests.

Bow out of this Nomination for �the Sake of the Party�, and �the Sake of the Country�... Go back to Illinois, Run for Governor, get some Executive Experience to Couple with your Legislative Experience, Ride the Next Predictable Economic Upswing, Look like you had Something to do with it, better still, be the DemocRAT that you are and Claim it was your Doing, and then Come Back in 4 or 8 Years and Present yourself as something other than a Horny Teenager going for Broke with Every Slick Line in the Book.

And Considering the Current Unrest from the Insurgents in Chicago in Recent Weeks, it�s Probably a Better Idea for you to Appear like you want to get your Own House in Order before you Step to the National Stage and Talk about getting everyone else�s Houses in Order. Chicago, the Big City in your �Home� State, is a Mess, Barry� Go do something about it and Show some Real Leadership.

Doing this will Assist in Negating your Connections to Hatemongering Preachers and Homegrown Terrorists, because you will have Substantively Dealt with your Political Immaturity, and you can Honestly Present yourself as Someone who Grew Out of that Phase in your Young Adulthood, Assuming your Connections are more Spiritual and Less Tangible as of right now. If there�s Audio or Video of you Sounding like your Pastor or the Weather Underground, then you are Probably Relegated to the �Senior Senator� Title in the Ted �Chappaquiddick� Kennedy (D) and Robert �There are White Niggers� Byrd (D-KKK) Wing of Elected Government.

Because they Love him, the "Free Press" will not Allow Barry's Pastor or his Fondness of Former Weather Underground Terrorists to become an Issue again in 2012 or 2016, like they did the Way-Over-vetted �Was Dubya AWOL� Stories that Climaxed with Dan Rather Losing his Career over it.

If Barry Plans this Correctly, he can Help Build up McMaverick now Against HILLARY!, and his Chances to Run Against McMaverick's VP in 2012 (Because John ain't going Past that) will be Fairly Good, and his Ability to Beat a REPUBLICan after the 12th Year of the GOP @ 1600 will be that much Better.

Even if Barry Outlasts HILLARY! and Wins the Nomination, McMaverick has had WAY too much Favorable Press over the Years as an "Independent" and someone the Media has Liked and Presented to the Public as a Potential DemocRAT.

That, Coupled with Barry's Inexperience and Naivet�, will make it Fairly Easy for McMaverick to Draw a Distinction between himself and Barry in this still Volatile Time in the Country and the World.

Not to Mention, that in 4 Years, Iraq will be that much Better a Situation, and it won't be as Easy for the REPUBLICans to Pass the Buck on the Real or Perceived Problems with the War.

It's a Brilliant Strategy� And if you�re Reading this Barry, I want an Advisory Position with a Nice Salary.


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tha malcontent

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