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a malcontent rant 04.26.2010



Obama's Eulogy for the Miners


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
April 26... 6:01 PM MST

(ap) - From the Transcript:
I've seen it, the strength of that community. In the days that followed the disaster, e-mails and letters poured into the White House. Postmarked from different places, they often began the same way: "I am proud to be from a family of miners," "I am the son of a coal miner," "I am proud to be a coal miner's daughter." They were always proud. They asked me to keep our miners in my thoughts, and my prayers. Never forget, they say, miners keep America's lights on. And then in these letters they make a simple plea: Don't let this happen again. Don't let this happen again.

How can we fail them? How can a nation that relies on its miners not do everything in its power to protect them? How can we let anyone in this country put their lives at risk by simply showing up to work; by simply pursuing the American dream?

We cannot bring back the 29 men we lost. They are with the Lord now. Our task, here on Earth, is to save lives from being lost in another such tragedy. To do what we must do, individually and collectively, to assure safe conditions underground. To treat our miners like they treat each other - like a family. Because we are all family, and we are all Americans. And we have to lean on one another and look out for one another and love one another and pray for one another.

Obama's Eulogy at W. Va. Miners' Memorial - CBS News

I am not Surprised by this...

But as Veiled as it was, it still left a Bad Taste...

I was wondering if anyone else who Heard it was made just a little Uncomfortable by it.

Not just the Mild Politicking for Miner's "Safety" in this Venue, but also Barry's Anti-Coal Agenda that wasn't so Hidden in 2008 and before.

Also, those who are for Removing any and all References of God from Government, are you Tired of Hearing Barry Constantly Referring to God?...

In this Context, of course it's Appropriate, and I don't have an Issue with it, but I am Certain there are Separation of Church and Stater's who can't Stand it when he gets all Preachy.

What say you?




tha malcontent



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