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a malcontent rant 04.28.2011



You know you've lived in North Denver a long time when...

By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief April 28,
7:35 AM MST

(ap) - You remember when a good Saturday night was when you had to settle for Casa Bonita because you were out voted on Celebrity Sports Center.

A great night was when you got to go to Celebrity Sports Center. (Celebrity was all of Denver's)

You know that the McDonald's that just got redone replaced an original Golden Arches and sits on land that the Denver Drumstick once occupied.

You remember how cool it was to wait for your boxcar of fried chicken while watching the train go around the Drumstick.

You've been whipped in a Woolsworth.

You remember feeling like you were in the movie Grease when you were in the Funhouse at Lakeside.

You remember the original Elitch Gardens.

You know that there's a Charter School that used to be a K-Mart and a Roller City.

You remember when LoDo was a place you walked quickly to your car in as you kept an eye on the bums warming themselves over fires in trash cans across the street.

You remember when the North Valley Mall was a mall, and you actually went to see movies there... Ditto to Northglenn and Cid's.

You remember when the Westminster Mall made the North Valley and Northglenn Malls seem old... Now the Westminster Mall makes YOU seem old.

You can remember when the Ghetto McMansions between Federal and Lowell and south of 64th was �Aloha Beach�� A little bit of ocean for suburban Denver.

You've seen movies at Cinema 70.

You snuck kegs into the North Star Drive-in.

You sat on the Wall at the North Drive-in and watched Howard the Duck a dozen times, just because the Wall was that cool.

You know that the North and the North Star were not the same Drive-ins.

You bought records at Peaches... And I mean ablums... Yes, ablums.

You remember when the Pawn Shop on Pecos was a Bonanza before it was Pecos Junction.

You remember when Water World was 2 slides and Pepsi stand.

And that's just off the top of my head... Feel free to add to my list...




tha malcontent



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