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a malcontent rant 04.29.2009



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Is America Perfect?... No, but I don't Think it's Horrible either.


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
Apr 29, 10:45 AM MST

(ap) - I Know the Left accuses myself and others on the Right for being blind to ANY flaws this Nation has, real or perceived... We are not� But we are also NOT obsessively negative and focus only on the flaws and mistakes that this Country might have been a part of.

That kind of self-loathing psychosis is reserved for the American Left.

Why is it that Liberals wallow in the flaws of this Republic?... Our Enemies do a sufficient job of that as it is� Do we really need our own parroting the Enemy?

And I don't think that this is an "out of Power" phenomenon either... Methinks it's an inherent Liberal trait.

They could have Power for 5 decades, and we would still suck, and that's what they would run on every 2 to 4 years�

Oh wait, that�s just the way it was before the 1994 REPUBLICan Revolution.

Don't believe me?... How long does it take the average Liberal to remind you of Slavery?...

If you Discuss MODERN issues regarding Crime, Race or Education, you will almost be guaranteed that the Liberal you are debating will bring up Slavery like it's the Civil War Era.

Speaking of War, how long does it take a Liberal to fixate on Vietnam 40 Years later when discussing the modern War on Terror?

In rare cases, there are Liberals who are courageous enough to say what they really feel about WWII... Specifically firebombing and the A-bomb... Dresden and Japan.

And even some will go down the �War crimes� and �torture� road regarding the Greatest Generation� But mostly only at the art galleries where HIV infected blood is used as Ink for the "artwork" on display showing the devastation of the A-bomb and illustrating just what monsters this REPUBLIC Really is... To them.

Fearing getting socked in the mouth though, MOST of them don't travel that path, but there are a few... Mostly indoctrinating the next Generation on our college campus' while attempting to get into your 18-year-old Daughter�s, or even these days, your Son�s underwear.

Self-loathing as an aphrodisiac�. Whatever sells, eh?

What's even more disturbing is the fact that MANY of these Liberals have sympathy for Islamists who behead, rape and honestly torture Humans... Islamists who stone Homosexuals to death for the Sin of Homosexuality... Islamists who bury Women up to their necks and stone them publically for simple accusations of Infidelity.

Liberals will excuse and sympathize with those animalistic and inhuman actions while at the same time denouncing the very REPUBLIC that affords them the Right to be that ignorant, all for our not being perfect... In their eyes.

Without a doubt, America is Greatest Country on the Earth... Our History, as flawed as it is, continues to be the standard by which even modern Societies are attempting to live up to.

Iraq II, even though flawed, as War naturally is, it was the most humane and bloodless taking of a Country in the History of Mankind...

Save France's bending over for Hitler of course.


So you can obsess on America's flaws... She's not perfect, but she is certainly the BEST of what's possible on Earth today, and for the previous 225+ years.




tha malcontent



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