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a malcontent rant 04.29.2010



Baggin' on First Ladies


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
April 29... 07:35 AM MST

(ap) - It's Obvious that both the Left and the Right do it...

Neither Side is Immune and both are Guilty.

I Think there is a Distinction that Needs to be Made though...

ALL (3) have Post Graduate Degrees, so let�s save the Hammering on the Intelligence of any of them.

But only (2) of them are Attorneys� Not that there�s anything wrong with that, but HILLARY! and Michelle are what they are� Societal Leeches� But Seriously�

Let�s Start with Miss Rodham.

HILLARY! was VERY Politically Motivated from her Work during the Nixon Hearings to when she was almost Handed Healthcare if NOT for the REPUBLICan Revolution of 1994...

Her Political Aspirations were Solidified as she Carpetbagged a New York Senate Seat after her Husband was Impeached but not Removed from Office.

She's a Politician... Fair Game. As a First Wife she was VERY Involved in Policy and was Probably MORE the Vice President than algore could have EVER been.

Here Politics are not up for Debate... She's a Politician.

Next... Laura Bush (43)... She Never Cared for Politics and it shows... To this Day. She has a Book out and it is being Used to Revisit some of the Left's Unjustified Attacks on this Non-Political WIFE.

That's Fine... She Married into Politics, and she can Deal with it, but you can't say she was an Activist Politically or that she EVER Planned on a Political Career of her own, aside from Working on Women�s Health Issues and Education, something that she had in her Background as a Teacher, Librarian and Mother of Public School Children, unlike HILLARY! and Michelle�

Finally... Michelle Obama.

From College into her Career she has been Politically Motivated� Some would Argue that she, like HILLARY!, Hitched herself to the Coattails of a Political Mule for their own Future Political Careers.

From the University of Chicago where she served as the Associate Dean of Student Services and Created the Community Service Center there, to Serving on the Board of Directors of the Chicago Council on Global Affairs, she has Clearly been Looking towards a Political Future.

She will Likely Pursue Public Office outside of her early Work in the Mayor�s Office as an Assistant to becoming Executive Director for the Chicago Office of Public Allies, and Abjectly Liberal �Non-Profit� Organization in Chicago when her Husband�s Term(s) are up.

As First Lady she is already VERY Active� Celebrating with Liberal Activists after the Pay Equity Law was Signed� And of course her Actions @ HUD and DoE regarding her Husband�s �Economic Stimulus� Bill and on and on...

She also Plans a Visit to ALL Cabinet Level Agencies� Isn�t that something her Husband should be doing?

Anyway, I Think you see my Point here�

Dabble in Politics and you will be Treated like a Politician.

I Believe the Hate for Laura is Completely Rooted in the Hate for her Husband, whereas the Hate for HILLARY! and Michelle is Rooted in what they Believe, Advocate for and are Politically.

But then again, that's just one Conservative's View, and Obviously I have Bias Regarding these (3) Women, who they are and how they are Treated.



tha malcontent



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