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a malcontent rant 05.04.2011



Memo to the Left Revisited: Afghanistan wasn't about bin Laden and neither was Iraq

By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief May 4,
7:35 AM MST

(ap) - I have been having this Debate with either Deliberately Dishonest or Concerningly Ignorant Liberals since just after we Invaded Afghanistan back in the Fall of 2001... Some of you may not remember, but there were plenty of Nay-Sayers around our First "War of Choice" after 9/11 at the time... From ABCNews to Slate to Tom Daschle to the average Bush Hater on the street. <Read that from Slate Circa 2001... It might shock you.

They were subsequently drowned out in Late 2002 by the prospects of going into Iraq, and that's when everyone finally settled on bin Laden as the Reason we went into Afghanistan and started screaming, "Saddam wasn't behind 9/11"... Well, Bush NEVER said he was.

It's funny, the Authorization for Use of Military Force in 2001 that was the Justification for the War in Afghanistan, doesn't mention Afghanistan or bin Laden: Click me!

And curiously, the Joint Resolution to Authorize Use of Force Against Iraq in 2002 doesn't mention bin Laden either and in NO WAY Implicates or Accuses Saddam of being behind 9/11: Click me!

I Know the Facts are Difficult and Burdensome to the Hopes and Dreams of some about the Bush Administration, but they are the Facts.

OK, you can't Counter that Data?... So you say "Where's the WMD?"...

One of my Favorites... There were 109 Facilities in Iraq that were Documented and SEALED by the UN leading up to our Authorization for Force in 2002.  The UN Documented Mass Stockpiles of WMD and Banned Long Range Missiles in these Facilities... After 5 months of playing footsies with the Frogs @ the UN so that they could get their Ducks out of Saddam's Bed, those Facilities were Emptied.  By the time our Forces go to them in the Spring of 2003... Gone.

Read this as MANY times as it takes Liberals: Missing does NOT = WMD Never Existed... End of List.

And the Masses that Saddam Gassed in his History Defies your Disgusting Denials.

As for all of the Bellyaching around Torturing Terrorists @ Gitmo,  Extraordinary Rendition, Drones, Assassinations, Wars of Choice, Nation Building and the rest that the Left pinned on Bush...

What is Barry doing Differently?... Libya?... Invading Pakistan, an Ally, to Assassinate an Arab we don't even Implicate by name in either of our Authorizations of Force?... And he and his Family were Unarmed in a Residential Area to boot!

Ask yourselves Liberals... What would you be saying right now if all of this were taking place in 2007?...

Be Honest... You would have been saying what I just said that probably got you angry with me... But I remember how Dismissive you were of Saddam's Capture... How angry you were by the Execution of his Sons...

Now you all are Celebrating like this is a Sporting Event and Barry is the Greatest Caesar to have ever sent Gladiators to Battle.

The Fact is that Barry used the entire Military/Counter-Terrorism Apparatus that Bush put in place, including the same SEAL Team that took out Saddam, to take out bin Laden and to keep us Safe here on our Soil for the first 2 years of his Presidency... And I applaud him for it.

But he Campaigned AGAINST getting Information out of Gitmo Detainees that way... Yet he Utilized that Intel that was Extracted there to take bin Laden out.

He Campaigned AGAINST Acting Unilaterally Militarily, yet did so 100% in Pakistan last week, not even Informing our "Ally" that we were Invading their Soil.

Bush had a Coalition in Iraq that Barry couldn't gather for ANYTHING, including getting bin Laden, yet the Liberals said that Coalition was Fake or Small and that we still Acted Unilaterally in the end...

Bush also got Congressional Approval for his "Wars of Choice".

We WAITED for 5 MONTHS to Attack Iraq... 5 MONTHS!

Obama didn't even get Congressional Approval to Attack Libya and he Certainly didn't wait... AT ALL.

There would be calls for King George's Impeachment right now, not Demands that we Kiss his Ass for being so Brilliant in Strateegery in getting bin Laden, so much so that he could've just went in himself instead of the SEALs...

Because that's how the Left sounds about this right now... You sound like you have your first taste of Blood and are Hungry for more.

And you Know that the Left would be Claiming Fraud when told that bin Laden wasn't Armed, and that we had to Bury him at Sea right away...

They would have Islamic Experts and War Crimes Experts on every program looking into how Wrong what the Cowboy President did...

But this 2011... It's not the Cowboy President... It's the Supposed "Professor" of Hope and Change who could bring a New Tone to the World and get the Islamic World on our Side...

The One who would Close Gitmo... End Iraq... Complete Afghanistan and NOT Start Wars of Choice Unilaterally or going Invading Sovereign Nations Assassinating people.

You do Remember Candidate Barry 2008, don't you?... The not-quite-one-term Senator who regularly Criticized Bush for EXACTLY what President Barry does now?

All I expect out of the Left is a Concession and a, "we get it now, you guys were Right about how to Fight Islamic Terror", or I expect them to go after Barry like they did Bush for 7 years.

And even with more Energy, because at least Bush wasn't a Hypocrite about it.

Is Honesty too much to ask from my Fellow Humans?...

Is it?




tha malcontent



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