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a malcontent rant 05.11.2006



Memo to all of the 9/10'rs on the Left...


By tha malcontent (Direct Descendent of the Founding Fathers! - tha malcontent)
ap/afp Editor in Chief
May 11 8:45 PM MST

(ap) - For those of you who Forgot, Willfully or otherwise, what you Felt like with your Soiled Panties hiding behind the Cowboy President on the 11th, Cheering him on and Singing "God Bless America"... It's time for you to be Honest with yourselves about why we are where we are today...

Bush (43) is NOT King.

The DemocRATS have been on Board for almost everything we have done to Date in the form of ACTUAL VOTES.

The President is not Straying from the Course in Word or Deed.

The DemocRATS, many of them, have turned their backs on the very Soldiers they sent to War, simply in Attempts to harm this President Politically, or Gain Politically themselves, as J. Forbes did in the 2004 Election Cycle.

This Political Fight is Harming our Troops.

You guys sent them, now stop calling them "Nazis" and "Terrorists" and start Supporting them and the Mission they VOLUNTEERED for.

I don't Care if you like it, it's their Fight, and not only did you DemocRATS send them, they continue to Volunteer for it while you compare them to the very Enemy they Fight.

I am Disgusted with the American Left in ways that can only be Compared to when they Spit on our Returning Soldiers from the Nam...

And those Boys didn't even have a Choice in the matter, most of them were Drafted.

I Pray that's not the current Cindy Sheehan Path for the Left, but when one of the Left's Leaders in this Anti-War Movement, Cindy Sheehan, Willfully Admits that she was Threatening to Physically Harm her Son so that he couldn't VOLUNTEER to Serve his Nation, I have to Wonder just where we are going next with this Batch of Traitors.

Be Honest, and Think about the Things I have said.



tha malcontent

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