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a malcontent rant 05.12.2010



UP YOURS! - Part I: The "Comedians"


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
May 12... 03:35 AM MST

(ap) - I'd like to start off with a steady UP YOURS! to the likes of Robin Williams and George Lopez. Are you Comedians or Op Ed wanna-be's?... Your latest stand-up �comedy" shows have been like rally speeches for Obama and his Party.

Seriously, if you were any more dishonest, bitter and political, it might be funny.

I don't go to see Comedy to get preached at Mr. Lopez... If your Conclusion is that anyone who Opposed Sotomayor for the Supreme Court was a Racist because she is Hispanic, then YOU are a Racist for opposing Clarence Thomas, you asshat!� Give it some thought first, dingleberry� Yeah, Justice Thomas is Black� Or are only Whites who oppose people who happen to not be their Race the only ones who are Racist?

I don't even know what Lopez said after that opening... I assumed it wasn�t funny and stopped watching. Get back to mocking Hispanic culture and your Grandmother for your paycheck.... It's the only thing you are good at, as pathetic as that existence is.

As for Robin Williams... You're fadin', Mork... And BOOOOOOSH! isn't in Office anymore, so stop Obsessing!

You used to be REALLY funny... What happened?

Ah, joining the AARP got you down?� Get over it, get funny or get the FUCK off the stage, old man!

In case you didn't hear, Mrs. Doubtfire, Obama thinks there are 57 States and we have people serving in the Marine "Corpse"... Yeah, they ALL misspeak� SHOCK!

It's your abject Inability to find humor in BOTH sides that defines you as a partisan, humorless stooge for the Left at this stage in your tragic existence.

As for �Bush�s War�� Obama has continued and expanded both wars� Gitmo�s still open and your boy Obama is sending those �poor terrorists� to the Middle East to be �Interrogated� by those tolerant and peace loving Islamists FOR US

But at least YOUR conscience is cleared because it isn�t happening on our Soil, correct?� Or so Obama claims.

Gitmo�s closed, remember?� We are out of Iraq, right?� It�s 2010, Liberals� Where�s your Hopey/Changey?

And save your "Health Care" whine, Patch... Maybe you should've given that some thought back when you and Blutarsky were doing so much cocaine that Scarface would've blushed!

And you stand up there with your beaten down failing heart, crying and pointing your Hypocritical arthritic finger at others...

Honestly people, what in the HELL is happening to Comedy?



tha malcontent



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