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a malcontent rant 05.15.2008



"George Bush Murdered (Executed) a Mentally Retarded Child"?


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
May 15, 2:35 AM MST

(ap) - Claim: "George Bush Murdered (Executed) a Mentally Retarded Child".

There are so Many things Wrong, Dishonest and Flat Out Filthy about the Above Assertion by Err Amerika's Thumb Fartmann, that I don't Exactly Know where to begin, Nor will I Probably Cover them All...

First of all, for the Context, I would Assume that this Propaganda was Spewed on May 14th, 2008 on the Thumb Fartmann Program, because I get him Tape Delayed in Denver out of the (p)eople's (r)epublic of Boulder's Err Amerika Affiliate in the Wee Hours of the AM.

Thumb was Using yet another one of his Famous "I" Stories of his to Springboard off on a Rant about the President or REPUBLICans, and this Time he was Bragging about having had a Private Audience with the Last Pope.

But I Digress...

"George Bush Murdered (Executed) a Mentally Retarded Child"... As he Stated, Quickly Inserting "Executed" to Cover his Ass from Lawsuit, but the Perception he is Attempting to Create is Successful, Especially Considering the Average American Liberal's Intellectual Abilities.

"The Chimp was Killin' Retards Down thar in Texas while he was a Governin'!..."

What I Find Most Troubling about this BumperSticker Politicking from the Left, is not that I have Heard it again, but that Someone I would have Said was at least Partially a "Thinker" on the Left, Thumb Fartmann, is Perpetuating the Lie now.

One thing is for Sure, he's either NOT a Thinker, or he is a Liar, either way, this is how it Breaks Down when the Light of Truth is Shined on that Leftist Lie.

George Bush was No More "King" in Texas than I am Emperor of China.

A Jury Trial was the Source of the Death Penalty that was Given in whatever "Retarded Child" Case Thumb Fartmann is Referring to, since he was Not Specific... Another Devious Tactic of the Left.

There's a Funny Thing about the State in Question's "Death Penalty"... It Predates "W" as Governor of that Great State, and he was Neither the Judge Nor the Jury on ANY of these Cases.

I don't Know why the Left is so Incessantly Dishonest, or Woefully Ignorant of the Facts, but when they have the Public Errwaves to Molest the Truth, that's when it Becomes Dangerous, and this is yet another in a Long Line of Examples of that Willful and Reckless Dishonesty.

Sadly, I would've Hoped that a Leftist like Thumb Fartmann was Above this Kind of Politically Motivated Dishonesty, while I Expect it from the Government Educated, Emotionally Driven Base he is Catering too.

Apparently I was Wrong... Whatever Sells a Book or Two, eh Thumb!


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tha malcontent

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