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a malcontent rant 05.16.2007



Memo to the Left: Stop Portraying our Soldiers as Victims


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
May 16, 3:45 PM MST

(ap) - It is really time for the American Left to realize this FACT about our Soldiers... They are willful, and in many, MANY cases, repeat volunteers, and specifically for this War.


Let me state this clearly for you public school products of the Left:  Our Military is 100% VOLUNTARY!

You do not have the moral justification to speak for them, nor should you portray them as victims, unless you are being asked to do so by them... It's arrogant and presumptive, which I understand is your nature, but it's time you were told that in this case, it's too much.

A handful of the 2+ million in our active duty and reserves, and I mean a HANDFUL of disgruntled "I made a mistake joining mommy" Service people are no justification for you to speak in generalities for our Soldiers while they are actively engaging our enemy in Iraq and elsewhere.

If there was a draft, and the Soldiers were obviously not content with their Service and re-enlistment was dangerously low, then I might have some ear for your politicking, but as it stands, you are using our soldiers for your own political benefit, and I am beyond sick of it and have been since about a month after we took Baghdad.

Find another way to attack this President you are so obviously fixated on with nearly blind hatred... The troops are not there for you to abuse and score political points with against your political adversaries, they are there because they CHOSE to be and they intend to have Victory, whether or not you like it.




tha malcontent

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