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a malcontent rant 05.19.2011



Generational Corrections: Jimmy Carter v Barry Hussein Obama

By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief May 19,
12:54 AM MST

(ap) - At least Jimmy Carter was Humble when the Country Suffered economically on his watch.

I remember the lack of partying, celebrations, concerts, dinner parties and stroke-fests that all but defined Jimmy Carter as a Humble Man who knew the Country was Suffering during the Generational Correction** that started halfway through his Presidency in 1978, and he wasn't about to show off and live extravagantly while everyone suffered the "Misery Index", 20% interest rates, inflation, unemployment and gas prices... Did I forget the Hostage Crisis?

(**For those of you who don�t Know yet, we are suffering a Generational Correction in this current Recession, just as we did when the WWII Generation slowed in the 70�s� Difference is, the Boomers are a much larger generation and FAR more selfish� Much of our 2 Decade Expansion was artificial and funded by Home Equity� And it�s come home to roost.)

Carter even downgraded Air Force One when it was up for being redone... Hell, after he left the White House Carter used to bring a sleeping bag and slept on the floor in one of the passenger rooms... Can you imagine what Barry would do in either situation?

Barry threw an Inauguration of Record Proportions in January of 2009... We were losing 7-800,000 jobs a month at that time, and he dropped $140,000,000 to Celebrate himself...

And the parties haven't stopped since January of 2009... True story.

Since then it's been "The Great Recession" for the rest of us while he plays and parties and globe trots buying his Wife $500 shoes.

Get a grip, Barry... You are only there for 4, or God forbid, 8 years tops. Can you save the extravagant living for when you aren't on our dime?

I thought the Herpes of American Politics, Jimmy Carter, was the Worst President ever...

I was wrong... Jimmy, very Wrong in many instances, was a good person at Heart when he was President... Failed and Flawed Intentions not ignored.

But Barry is not a Good Person... A Good Person Elected by the People would Live, at least publically, like he Understood the Suffering happening on his watch.

But he doesn't... And he really doesn't care... And it shows.

Couple that with Barry's expansion of everything Dubya, including adding a 3rd War and attempting to collapse our medical system with ObamaCare and the cherry on top being the Bankrupting of our Country simply to get more Votes... And you have what will likely be in 2 years, the Worst Presidency in History.

I "Hope" I am wrong, and something changes... But I don't see anything giving me confidence that this Narcissist is going to change.

Good Luck America!




tha malcontent




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