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a malcontent rant 05.26.2010



NBC/NYT Oversamples Hispanics to Assist Barry with Latino Vote


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
May 26... 07:45 AM MST


Poll: On immigration, racial divide runs deep - Immigration: A Nation Divided-

(NBC/NYT) - Breaking down the white-Latino divide

In the poll, 61 percent say they favor Arizona�s new anti-illegal immigration law, which would require local and state law enforcement officers to question people about their immigration status if they have reason to suspect a person is in the country illegally. The law would also make it a crime to lack the proper registration documents.

But there�s a divide among white and Latino respondents: 70 percent of whites support the law, versus just 31 percent of Latinos. In fact, 58 percent of Latinos say they strongly oppose it.

That�s not the only chasm between White and Latino America. While 68 percent of Latinos believe that immigration strengthens the United States, just 43 percent of whites think that.


(ap) - Why is the Left so Obsessed with Dividing us along Racial Lines?...

Notice that 31% of Latinos Support Arizona's Law...

I bet EVERY single one of them is here Legally.

"Oversample of 300 Hispanic Adults"...

700 Total.

That's 43% Hispanic...

Am I to Assume the other 400 were White?

Either way, Hispanics are only like 12% of the Population, so this Poll is not an Honest National Poll.

What is the Reasoning in over Tripling the Sample of one Race?...

It's Obvious.




tha malcontent



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