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a malcontent rant 06.04.2010



Electric Cars won't run on Magic, Good Intentions, Hope or Change

By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief June 4
... 12:45 PM MST

(ap) - So when I'm forced into this "clean" electric car by mandate of Law one day and I'm pluggin' my car in at night to charge, where is that magical source of energy that's charging my car going to come from?...

Is it leprechaun gold dust?... Fairy dust?... Obama's private stash of hot air and empty promises?... algore's carbon credits?

Maybe it will be the collective love, peace and tolerance that the Left in the West feels for people who stone women to death for simple accusations of infidelity and executes homosexuals as a matter of Law?... Allah Akbar!

Do these people feel that because they don't see emissions from their cars that there won't be emissions from the source of the energy that is sent to the house or the charging station?

And don't even get me started on battery disposal...

I certainly hope they don't believe that the energy that is required to run this Nation of 300,000,000, from 18-wheelers that deliver your tofu, to the truck that takes the supplies to build your new Jamba Juice and employ all those filthy Capitalists are going to be fueled by any amount gigantic propellers or solar panels.

I wonder if the new facilities that are being constructed to manufacture these wind and solar farms are using the Evil sources of energy like coal or oil in their day to day?... But I digress.

If you believe solar and wind is going to be the source of this Republic's energy, then I've got some property to sell you in Altamont California!

There is either going to be a mandate in Law that we stop using Energy at the increasing rates we are as we expand as a Nation, or we will continue to grow and prosper and require more Energy...

Productive and consistent Energy that can be stored and that doesn't permanently rape more and more land and kill endangered species.

Oh, you thought wind farms were harmless?... Nope...

Solar?... Nope.

Ask Denver Public Schools why they aren't using or disposing of their solar panels... The EPA will be in the answer, if they give you one.

If a Gubmn't mandate to use less energy is the answer, then you can say goodbye to ANY hopes that your children will ever know the great fortune and good times that you had over the last 2 decades, because Hope and Change ain't fuelin' this Nation.

Coal, oil and gas are...

And will be for the foreseeable future, so sit down and shut up... Reality isn't what we want it to be sometimes, but it is in Fact reality.

In the meantime, wind and solar can figure out ways to not permanently rape land, harm habitat and kill endangered species while they also figure out how to be competitive with coal, oil and gas and do so without the benefit of special favors from the Fed that allow them to kill endangered species and swallow up endless amounts of land and be FAR less efficient while getting all kinds of free money and write-offs for doing so.

Yeah, I know... With oil covered pelicans and manatees on TV and those assholes from BP making it worse on every level, it's probably NOT popular to observe the Truth about the future of energy in June of 2010...

But I'm not breathing air to be popular, and unlike Liberals, I won't tell you want to hear to make you like me.

And I'm not gonna stand by and watch people be Lied to when they are emotional about a tragic accident that is being mishandled in absurd ways by BP and the Fed without saying something about reality.

If you let this hoard of Socialists go crazy with regulations and Laws because of this Gulf situation, you will wake one day and wonder what in the hell happened to your Country, your Life... And your Livelihoods.

Because it will NEVER be the same and there will be NO going back.

It's as cute and convenient as it is Hypocritical for Dave Matthews and the others to say the answer to this spill is $10 a gallon gas so that we will be forced into changing...

The only thing that will do is garun-damn-tee something WORSE than the Great Depression.

A move like that would collapse this system in a matter of weeks, so just stop it before some big-eared idiot in DC takes you seriously.

And enough of the, "we have to end our addiction to oil"... It's as absurd as saying we have an addiction to air or water.

It's what fuels this Economy and every aspect of your Lives, whether or not you want to admit it or understand it and changing this reality will literally take DECADES.

So take a deep breath and calm down...

Reacting emotionally is NOT the answer to this accident...

Reacting emotionally is rarely the answer to ANYTHING.


tha malcontent



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