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a malcontent rant 06.08.2009



"What Would Reagan Do?"... Well...


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
June 8th... 10:40 AM MST

(ap) - He'd expand the Military WAY beyond "the Founder's vision" in trade for letting the DemocRATS spend like drunken sailors on shore leave to feed the appetites of their ever growing and ever Generationally Dependent Constituency.

Of course, he'd do this while NOT decreasing the size of the Federal Government, and letting EVERY Illegal Alien that was on our soil get blanket Amnesty and then NOT focus on the borders and keeping any more of them out.

Beyond the Reality that WAS Reagan as a President, as opposed to the seasoned Actor and Speech Maker that was NOT Reagan in practice, it's Offensive to me to compare Reagan, or ANY Man for that matter, to Jesus.

"What Would Reagan Do?" is a play on "What Would Jesus Do"?, and if we are going to be Offended by the Deifying of Obama by the Left, then we should be even MORE offended when our Party's most prominent hood ornament is treated in Messianic terms.

We should at least, as Conservatives, start being a little more Honest about the Realities of the Presidency when looking at the Past, and of course when looking to the Future.

Reagan, and NO President for that matter, has EVER been, or will they EVER be, the Candidate who is Preaching to the Choir at Conservative Rallies, or making Patently Meaningless Speeches to whatever crowd at whatever point.

They MUST be looked at for what they Actually did in practice, and the context of the Time when it happened, and more importantly, what they were Capable of doing.

I want my President to push for Conservative Legislation and decreasing the size and scope of Gubmn't, but I am hardly Naive enough to believe that ANY President has that much control or would I dismiss the Political Realities of any given point in History.

Having said all of this, I would Vote for Reagan in a heartbeat in 1980 as much as I would today...

I'd even Vote for Goldwater, Knowing without a doubt that he would Lose, and if he did, by some chance of Fate, Win, he would do just about the same as any President from my Party at whatever point in History he would unlikely find himself the Victor.

The DemocRATS are in Power now because their base finally came to this Realization while sitting, out of Power on the sidelines, after Newt knocked them the **** out back in 1994, and their President at the time read the tea leaves regarding his Political Future and much of what Newt proposed was Passed by a DemocRAT President and REPUBLICan Congress that was FAR from Pure.

If Absolutism and Purism is the demanded path from a majority in my Party in the coming Elections regarding the Congress and the Presidency in 2012, then you can count on Failure at the Polls.

If you are content to be out of Power based on some Unrealistic set of "Principles" that you insist that a majority of Voters agree with YOU on, and agree with you on 100% and RIGHT NOW, then so be it.

Just Know that you played a pivotal role in the rapid Destruction of this REPUBLIC...

If we can Keep it.



tha malcontent



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