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a malcontent rant 06.23.2006



The Selective Use of the Word, "Alleged"


By tha malcontent (Direct Descendent of the Founding Fathers! - tha malcontent)
ap/afp Editor in Chief
June 23, 10:50 AM MST


(ap) - The Selective Use of the Word, "Alleged"...  Let's take a look at a couple of Current Stories, shall we:

7 arrested in alleged terror plot in Fla.

MIAMI (AP) - Inside a city warehouse, authorities believe, a group was hatching the early stages of a widespread terror plot � one that targeted Chicago's Sears Tower, an FBI office in Miami and other U.S. buildings.

U.N. denounces secret detention centers

GENEVA (AP) - The top U.N. human rights official on Friday denounced the use of secret detention centers in the war on terrorism, and said governments must treat prisoners according to the law, avoiding torture and providing fair trials.

I have noticed that when the "Free Press" is Skeptical in an Abjectly Political way, they will Qualify Accusations...

For example, the Current Terror Plot is "Alleged" in every story I could find, from the AP to SeeBS, while the UN Denouncement of "Secret Detention Centers" is not Worthy of that Qualifier, regardless of the Facts, or lack thereof.

I noticed the same Trend, a Dangerous Trend, when it comes to our Soldiers and "Allegations" made Against them in the Headlines...

I don't see the Qualifier "Alleged" in the Reporting when they are Accused of "Murder" or "Torture".

"Alleged" made it into every Headline I have seen, and every News Report I have heard or watched on this Terror Plot out of Miami Against the Sears Tower.

Assumed Guilt was the Tone that I Heard regarding our Marines, LONG before a Trial, or a Conviction.

Just an Observation, Kids.

I don't Expect the "Free Press" to Dishonestly Bat for the Side that Provides them the 1st Amendment, but Equally, I don't Expect them to Bat for our Enemies either...

It's High Time that they Choose Sides, and make it Official...


Then we can get the Treason Hearings Started.


tha malcontent

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