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a malcontent rant 06.27.2006



The American Left and their "Leaking" Hypocrisy


By tha malcontent (Direct Descendent of the Founding Fathers! - tha malcontent)
ap/afp Editor in Chief
June 27, 3:50 PM MST


(ap) - The Left only Supports "Leaking" when it Harms our Soldiers, their Mission, and their Leader...

When a Leak Hurts, or more Accurately, Exposes those who Aim to Hurt our Soldiers, their Mission and their Leader, the Left's Outrage is Curiously Deafening.

The Inconsistency is as Self-Evident as it is Dangerously Treasonous.

Leak about our War in a way to Degrade it, Harm it, or Derail it, and the Left Applauds it and Demands more.

Leak to Expose the Fact that Valerie Plame pushed for Joe Wilson to take a Nigerian Vacation for a couple of weeks only to come back without an Ounce of Substance and call the Soldier's Leader a Liar 3 Months after their Invasion, and a Constitutional Crisis and High Crimes have been Committed... According to the Patently Dishonest Left, that is.


All that one has to do is to Observe the "News" Coverage of both Leaks to see exactly what I am Illustrating.

It is Obvious what Side the American Left is on in this War...

Maybe they need a Reminder of their September 11th Wet Panties again...

Unfortunately, their Shortsightedness and Political Selfishness may Require it, and their Actions in this Regard, may Help to bring it about, Sooner rather than Later.

Is Regaining Political Power really Worth the Blood that it's Assisting to Shed?

Loose Lips Sink Ships... Shut your Mouths DemocRATS!...

Our Soldiers and their Mission are Depending on your Support, not your Backstabbing in the form of Harmful Leaking and your Incessant Attacks on our Troops as "Nazis" and "Terrorists".

Stop giving Aid and Comfort to our Enemy with your Patently Politically Driven Actions.

Seriously, Stop and give some Honest Thought to what you are Really doing before it's too Late.


Our Soldiers very Lives Depend on it!



tha malcontent

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