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a malcontent rant 07.08.2010



So was the Medieval Warm Period also Big Fat Bald White Oil and America's Fault?

By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief July 8
... 3:44 AM MST

(ap) - Because from what the Scientists who Claim we are in a Period of Global Warming say, it was WARMER during that Period...

A couple of Problems with this Inconvenient Data for the Climate Change Monkeys formerly Known as the Global Warming Hysterians...

1.) FAR less People on Mother Earth then.

2.) From what I can tell by the "History" books, they didn't have the Automobile yet and it's Mother Earth Raping Exhaust!

3.) No Concrete Jungles like New York, Hong Kong or Mexico City with MILLIONS of People in them causing Pollution and the "Heat Island Effects" Worldwide.

4.) No Industrial Revolution and it's Obscene Pollution... At least according to those same "History" books.

But hey, those are just some of my Simple Observations... Read this:

Medieval Warm Period thesis contradicts the unprecedented warming

However, one must mention that, already the first half of the statement, that about the unprecedented warming, elicits significant question marks in many climate scientists and even at many historians. Wasn�t there something like the medieval warm period? And in the opinion of many scientists, wasn�t it warmer during this period than today?

The idea of a medieval warm period was formulated for the first time in 1965 by the English climatologist Hubert H. Lamb [1]. Lamb, who founded the UK Climate Research Unit (CRU) in 1971, saw the peak of the warming period from 1000 to 1300, i.e. in the High Middle Ages. He estimated that temperatures then were 1-2 � C above the normal period of 1931-1960. In the high North, it was even up to 4 degrees warmer. The regular voyages of the Vikings between Iceland and Greenland were rarely hindered by ice, and many burial places of the Vikings in Greenland still lie in the permafrost.

Glaciers were smaller than today

Also the global retreat of glaciers that occurred in the period between about 900 to 1300 [2] speaks for the existence of the Medieval Warm Period. An interesting detail is that many glaciers pulling back since 1850 reveal plant remnants from the Middle Ages, which is a clear proof that the extent of the glaciers at that time was lower than today [3].

Furthermore, historical traditions show evidence of unusual warmth at this time. Years around 1180 brought the warmest winter decade ever known. In January 1186/87, the trees were in bloom near Strasbourg. And even earlier you come across a longer heat phase, roughly between 1021 and 1040. The summer of 1130 was so dry that you could wade through the river Rhine. In 1135, the Danube flow was so low that people could cross it on foot. This fact has been exploited to create foundation stones for the bridge in Regensburg this year [4].

Clear evidence of the warm phase of the Middle Ages can also be found in the limits of crop cultivation. The treeline in the Alps climbed to 2000 meters, higher than current levels are [5]. Winery was possible in Germany at the Rhine and Mosel up to 200 meters above the present limits, in Pomerania, East Prussia, England and southern Scotland, and in southern Norway, therefore, much farther north than is the case today [6]. On the basis of pollen record there is evidence that during the Middle Ages, right up to Trondheim in Norway, wheat was grown and until nearly the 70th parallel/latitude barley was cultivated[4]. In many parts of the UK arable land reached heights that were never reached again later.

Also in Asia historical sources report that the margin of cultivation of citrus fruits was never as far north as in the 13th century. Accordingly, it must have been warmer at the time about 1 � C than today [7].

The Medieval Warm Period � a global phenomenon, unprecedented warming, or unprecedented data manipulation? | Watts Up With That?

^And More there...

So... Why is this Inconvenient Truth almost NEVER Mentioned by those who Worship at the Alter of algore Junior?



tha malcontent



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