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a malcontent rant 07.14.2006



What�s Proportionate to Random Rocket Attacks Against Civilians?�


By tha malcontent (Direct Descendent of the Founding Fathers! - tha malcontent)
ap/afp Editor in Chief
July 14, 5:00 PM MST

(ap) - The Left and the other Terrorist Sympathizers around the World, such as China and Russia, have Complained that Israel�s Response to Hamas and Hezbollah have not been Proportionate to the Attacks on the Israel�

You have to be Ignorant or Dishonest to Assert any such thing.

I am sure they would Decry Israel launching Random Missiles into Civilian Areas in Lebanon and the Palestinian Areas even more than the Targeted Missile Strikes that Israel is currently Punishing them with.

That WOULD be "Proportionate", though...

Israel has all but bent over and pulled down her Panties for the Terrorists in both Regions for the last 6 years and Given and Given and Given again, and their Thanks is to be Attacked further.

As far as I am Concerned, what the Terrorist States did was to Declare War on Israel, and the only Proportionate Response to War is Victory�

Victory is the End of those who Threaten you, or a 100% Surrender.

I Hope� I Pray that Israel keeps this up until it is Settled once and for All.



tha malcontent

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