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a malcontent rant 07.22.2010



Did Bristol and Levi Inspire Sandra and Jesse?

By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief July 22
... 10:55 AM MST

(ap) - Did Bristol and Levi Inspire Sandra and Jesse?...

Honestly... I don't Care...

But I Know I don't see Toyota in the News much anymore...

I guess since Gubmn't Motors isn't doing so poorly now they don't need that Whipping Boy... And why bother when there's BP to kick around in favor of American "Green Energy" which I am certain many in the Administration are personally Invested in as they use American Tax Dollars to prop up their Pals in that Industry.

I don't see Brangelina...

Nor Miss Shpeeeears...

Or those horrible Douchebags, Jon and Kate.

Unfortunately I am still seeing Miss Lohan, but not Amy Winehouse.

What I'd like to see is what I remember seeing back in the day...

Back when the Evil Empire was in control... Be it during Reagan... Or the BOOOOSHES... Or after the 94 Revolution.

I'd like to see our "Free Press" doing a LOT MORE "Fleecing of America" Investigations into how this Obscene amount of future Taxpayer Money is being spent.

Remember the "$600 Hammer" stories?...

And who's Pals with whom in the chain of who gets the Taxpayers Money?

We are into the Trillions here people...

"Free Press", it's time to do your fucking job regardless of whether or not you Voted for these Socialists.

Now back to "America's Got Talented Fat People that the First Lady would like to have Punished."

Especially the White ones!..

tha malcontent



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