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a malcontent rant 07.22.2010



Healthy Food Insurance from Mrs. Barry?... You're Welcome!

By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief July 22
... 10:50 AM MST

(ap) - Apparently Barry is letting his Wife drop around a half a BILLION of our money to buy Votes in the areas she feels are still being oppressed... Well, I hope I get a Thank You note!

Just after 24 minutes in: "to insure that all families have access to fresh affordable food in their communities" - Michelle Obama in her Speech to the NAACP.

Question... How is this going to be done?

Force of Law?...

More Taxpayers Money?...

"Eliminate Food Deserts within 7 years"?... Using HUNDREDS of Millions... As of this Speech at least.


So I can Expect that by 2017 that all of the Ghettos are going to have Fresh Food Markets and Healthy Kids riding bikes to Safe Schools?...

Why is the First Lady trying to Spend my Money in a Discriminatory way?

She says at about 30 Minutes in that the Health Care Legislation (ObamaCare) will Require that Businesses allow for Mothers who return to Work to Breast Feed...

So are Babies coming to a Workplace near you?...

What in the HELL is in this Legislation?

And why am I hearing about a Half a Billion in Spending Focused on the DemocRATS Dependents from Michelle @ the NAACP and NOT hearing it from the "Free Press"?...

And yes... I Suffered that entire speech because I know VERY few people have and those in the "Free Press" won't tell you what I did... And for that, you are sincerely "welcome".

tha malcontent



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