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a malcontent rant 07.24.2008



The Vanilla Ice of Presidential Politics... Barry Hussein Obama


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
July 24, 10:35 PM MST


(Barry Hussein Obama at his Barbie Presidential Podium in his Fantastic Castle in Mr. Rogers Magic Kingdom! - 2008)

(ap) - The Arrogance of Barry Hussein Obama�s Presidential looking Seal could only be Outdone by his Acting like he is the President on Foreign Soil, which is Precisely what he is doing on his Messianic Tour overseas right now as he Campaigns to be President... Because of this Dishonest and Unprecedented Approach at Gaining 1600, there are Probably Ignorant People not only in this Country, but in other Countries that he is Currently Acting the President in who Feel he IS the President... Which is Precisely the Goal.

Speaking where PRESIDENTS Kennedy and Reagan Spoke... As PRESIDENTS, and Attempting to be Something he is NOT... Kennedy, Reagan or PRESIDENT, has me seeing him as the Vanilla Ice of Presidential Politics.


"Not as a Candidate..." - Barry Lying like no other Politician EVER has while Attempting to Channel (2) REAL Statesmen who Visited Germany Years ago.


Since Barry Van Winkle is in the Least bit Under Pressure from his Cheerleading Squad, also Known as the Groupies in the "Free Press" Following Hussein Obama around the World on this Tour, it is Unlikely that you will see him having to Answer for his Arrogance.

He's as Inexperienced, Talentless and as Bitin' what he's Writing as Vanilla Ice could have EVER been.

What a Chump.

And Sadly... Vanilla Ice pulled off Black WAY Better than Barry does...

Did I just Take it There?... Yeah... I Sure did.


And Wholefrican Americans who have Slave Blood in their Veins Know EXACTLY what I am Talking about with this Halfrican Born with a Silver Spoon in his Mouth and a Rich White Family to Fill it in the Island Paradise of Hawaii...


Barry has no More had a Black Experience than he is the New JFK...  JFK was a Statesman who Expected of his Fellow Americans... JFK did NOT Assume Failure... JFK did NOT Feel that Government and Taxes were an Alternative to Personal Responsibility.


And to be Honest, Barry Probably has More White Liberal Guilt than the Entire Kennedy Family Combined... Including Tedward!


As for Channeling Reagan... PAH-LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE...  Show me Barry having a Kind Word for the 40th President Prior to this Campaign and outside of the Gipper's Death.


He only Acts this Act in the Hopes of Attracting Disaffected "Reagan Conservatives" and "Reagan DemocRATS"...


There is NO Philosophy that Reagan or Kennedy had that Barry shares and simply saying their Names or Attempting to Pass yourself off as the New and Improved them, ain't the Honest Path...


But then again, we are NOT Talking about an Honest Person...


What's More Concerning than Barry's Dishonesty, is the American Left's Turning a Blind Eye to it...


I Can't Blame him... He's a Self-Involved Opportunist, as he has been his Entire Life...


But the Average DemocRAT?...


It's just Sad.


~ Have an Opinion?... Then e-mail me @ and Sound off like ya got a Pair!



tha malcontent

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