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a malcontent rant 07.29.2008



Media Obsession with Negativity Could be Deeper than Politics


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
July 29, 11:01 AM MST

(ap) - I was Thinking the other Day about the Monopoly the Left has Lost on Television via Cable News/Commentary...

The Monopoly they have Lost on the Radio to Conservative Talk...

And the Dying Venue of Print Journalism from Coast to Coast that they have Dominated for so Long, that not Many of them Probably Remember the Days when the "Free Press" Supported our Troops and their War Effort back in WWII...


I Wonder if  they would  Believe how "in Bed" with the Military Industrial Complex and the Suppression of Rights and Freedoms that their Predecessors were.

It may Not just be Politics that Drives this Obsessive Negativity that we are all Seeing on the TV, Reading in the Papers and Hearing at the Top of Hour News on the Radio EVERY single day...

It could be that Unavoidable Sense of Impending Doom of their own Power in these Fields, and Simultaneously their Careers and Life's Work and the Threat to it that the Lack of Monopoly is Bringing.

There's Something More though...  Something Deeper, and More Personal and Philosophical.

It may just be the Impending Doom for the Driving Force for these Institutions since Vietnam, and that would be the Death of the Baby Boom itself... And it's Coming, whether or Not they Like it.


Yeah, I'm T-t-t-t-t-talkin' bout your Generation...

Many of these People in the Old Media are Dried-up, Boom Generation, Anti-Vietnam Era Radicals who went into Journalism to Avoid the Draft.

Now Many of them have Schooled a Generation or Two after them in the Same Hatred of almost EVERYTHING this REPUBLIC Stands for Based on that ONE War, and now Most of what they have Built up in the "Free Press" since the Nam, is Collapsing all around them, including their own Health.

If I have one Piece of Advice for Everyone... Specifically the Boomers...

Invest in Retirement Facility Stocks.

The way the Boom Turned it's Back on the WWII Generation to Fuel their Escalades and Boats and Summer Homes, while their Parents Rot in Public Retirement Facilities (If they're Lucky and are not part of the Honestly Homeless in this Country on the Streets), is going to Come back to them Ten-Fold...

And when it does, Owning Stock in it will Make your Retirement that much Easier... Ironic, ain't it.

Boomers, you Better Understand this Reality... Your Ornament Children will Walk away from you Faster than you ever Dreamed of Turning your Backs on your own Parents...

After all, they Learned from the Best.

Leaving what is Inherently the Responsibility of Family, up to the State, is what the Left Stands for and has Stood for for Generations...

And now it's Coming Home to Roost for the Founders of the Nanny State.

Don't Worry, when you Burn Out your Investment Money Trying to Save the "Things" that you Accumulated with the Passion you Should have had for Family, that State Home you Advocated for... The Welfare System you Pushed... The Generic Cheese you Think is the Replacement of the Father in the Home... It will be there Waiting for you.

Maybe Algore's Mother-in-Law has some dog food Left to Leave him... (That's what the Elderly Eat in these Liberal Utopias around the Country, isn't it?)

Oh, I'm Sorry, Algore and the other Liberal "Do as I Say, Not as I Do" Kings will NEVER have to Worry about their Retirements... Will they?

Are we going to See a Final Revolution from the BoomGen?...

Will they Raise their Canes and Walkers in Protest from the Filthy State Run Facilities they will Soon be Stored in by their Spoiled, Self-Involved Ornament Children?...

Will they Demand that the DemocRATS who Led them to the Slaughter now do Something about the very System they themselves Assisted the Sheep Herders in Creating?...

It's not too Late to do Something, Boomers...

Go Visit your Parents... If you are Lucky enough to still have them with you.

Maybe there is still Hope for your Souls and you can Make some Real Change that we can ALL Believe in!... Apologies to the Empty Platitude in a Suit Running for the DemocRATS right now.

Maybe the Example you Set will be an Influence on your own Children about not Warehousing your Inconvenient Family in State Run Facilities, or Worse yet, on the Street.

And if you're Lucky after you've Made this Late Change, maybe you won't be Starring at the Walls of your "Room" at the Retirement Facility Wondering if anyone will even Call to Say Hi... Yep, it's Not that Far away...

Seriously, Boomers... Give it some Thought while you still have the Time, cause it ain't on your Side any longer.

~ Have an Opinion?... Then e-mail me @ and Sound off like ya got a Pair!



tha malcontent

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