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a malcontent rant 08.03.2006



Passing a Quiz should be Required before anyone is Polled.


By tha malcontent (Direct Descendent of the Founding Fathers! - tha malcontent)
ap/afp Editor in Chief
Aug 3, 4:16 AM MST


(ap) - Can we all agree on something basic?... You should at least be able to get a C on a simple quiz regarding the issue the "Free Press" is Polling before being allowed to Pollute the Issue with Ignorance and Emotion.
Most people I know do NOT have even a Precursory Understanding of most Issues that face this REPUBLIC, yet their Ignorant opinions in Polls are viewed as something Politicians should base Decisions and Votes on.
I know what some people will say... We should Require the same for Voting...
I Agree... In Spirit, but the Founders did not want the Educated Class Ruling over the Uneducated Class, or have those who would lean Tyrannical keeping the Uneducated, Ignorant and Powerless...
Wait a minute... That sounds Curiously similar to the DemocRAT Party and their Constituency.
But I Digress...
The "Free Press" should not be Polling people who are all but Entirely Ignorant of the issues they are being Polled on...
It's as Dishonest as it is Dangerous.
The �Free Press� Knows they are Polling Mostly Ignorant people, so they frame their questions in a way as to receive the answers they are looking for, and that best suit their Agenda.
The times I have been Polled, I have taken Issue with almost every question for the way it�s phrased.
They Know what they are doing, and because it�s Agenda Driven, they are not about to do what I am suggesting, because it will only lead to more losses by their Party, the DemocRAT Party, at the Polls.


The Left depends on the Ignorance of a good portion of the Masses to retain what Power they have left... This is simply Reality.
Polling is one of the last Vestiges that the Left has to Frame Opinion in this REPUBLIC... And around the World for that matter.


It's time we start holding their feet to the Fire when it comes to Polling us what to do.


Don't do what you're polled to do!



tha malcontent

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