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a malcontent rant 08.14.2008



Wind Farms vs Oil Rigs


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
August 14, 4:35 PM MST

(ap) -  Let's Establish something right away... I'm not Against ANY Alternatives to Oil for Sources of Energy and Power. That would be a Distinct Difference between the Blind Absolutism of the Left on this Issue and myself and many on my Side of this Debate.  But I do have a Concern or two about one of these Alternatives...



^Propellers... Aren't they Neato!... But will they ever go Away and Return the Land to it's Previous Beauty?... Are Leftists going to Advocate for them in ANWR?... Maybe just in the Ugly Parts of ANWR?...  Alaskans Need Power too ya know!  How many do we Need?...  Can they Power my Car?... The Planes you and I Travel on?... Aircraft Carriers @ Sea?...  Missiles that might Kill bin Laden one day when Obama Finally finds him in Kenya?... Will San Francisco be able to Replace it's Petroleum Usage with them?...  Serious Question for Serious Times Fellow Citizens.



^Ugly, Yucky Gray Old things!... But are they Permanent?...  They might be if the Earth Reproduces Oil...  But if that were the Case, why are the EarthLoving LeftoAbsolutists so Against them?... 


After all, they Produce the Fuel that makes their Limo's and Private Jets get them to their Earth Hugging, Fart Smelling Conferences and Benefit Concerts all around the World!  You'd Think they'd be a little more Appreciative of those Lonely ol' Rigs.


If we are going to Rape the Land, can't we All, Human Lovers, Earth Lovers, Beasts of the Earth Lovers alike, at least Find Agreement that the Raping of our Mother Not be a Permanent Adventure?...


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tha malcontent

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