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a malcontent rant 08.19.2005


Memo to the Left: Stop giving the Enemy Ammunition

By tha malcontent (Direct Descendent of the Founding Fathers! - tha malcontent)
ap/afp Editor in Chief
August 19, 11:06 EST

(ap) - Since about March of 2002, just months after the 11th, and a year before Iraq II, the Left, led by Tom Das(H)ole (D) at the time, has been Doubting this War on Terror, at least, and Attacking our Soldiers as "Nazis" at most..

The Terrorists cannot Defeat our Military, but with the Continued help of the Left in America, they can cause our Retreat, handing the Terrorists a sort of Moral Victory.

Since the Left hasn't really Supported this War since 2002, even though they Overwhelmingly Voted FOR the War in Iraq late that Fall, then we really don't know what Iraq would look like right now if the Left would have Consistently stood behind it's Country, and the War THEY Authorized, and more Importantly, the Troops they sent to Fight it.

Had they not Backstabbed the Mission they Authorized, and in the case of John Kerry's VP Candidate, John "Iraq is an Imminent Threat" Edwards (D), Cosponsored, simply because it was Politically Expedient during an Election year where Anti-War Hysterics from Idiots like Howard Dean were Threatening the base of the DemocRAT Party, things might be quite Different today.

I submit to you, that if the Left would not have Consistently Attacked the Troops and their Commander in Chief, giving the Islamist World material to Bolster their "Soldiers" with, and Recruit new ones, that we would not have lost as many of our Soldiers to date as we Unfortunately have.

Had the DemocRATS stood United in this War, a War that happened because they Authorized it in Congress, we would not be in the position we are today, which is losing more Marines than is needed, and fighting not only the Terrorists, but DemocRATS like Dick Durbin in the Senate, and the "Free Press" that so Obviously Votes for, and with his Party.

If the DemocRATS could stop Attacking our Soldiers and the President, Collectively, for six months, and instead show Support for the War they helped Create, the Soldiers they sent to Fight it, and the President they gave the Responsibility to, I would bet a large sum of money, that Attacks in Iraq would go down Dramatically, if not all but go away.

These Attacks are Effective because they cause our Leftist Media to focus on them, which in turn gives our Enemy Ammunition.

One car Bomb that kills 2 Marines has the Effect of losing an Air Craft Carrier in WWII, thanks to the way the Media Covers it, and the DemocRATS harp on it, followed by, "This War is based on Lies".

Remember this for Perspective... There are 26 MILLION people in Iraq... We have about 150,000 Troops in that Country.

There are 5 or 6 MILLION people in Baghdad alone...

If the Iraqis, who are an Armed Nation, wanted us out, they could do it quite Easily, in my Opinion, and I think Common Sense Dictates it.

A handful of mainly Foreign Terrorists Defeating your Nation will only happen if you allow it to.

Stop giving our Enemy Ammunition�

Choose a side, and stay on it.



tha malcontent

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