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a malcontent rant 08.19.2009



What we really learned from the "Beer Summit"


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
August 19th... 5:40 PM MST

(ap) - There has been plenty of discussion in the Country about the "Race" issues that arose from the incident with Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Cambridge Police Sgt. Joseph Crowley at Gates home.

What I think was missed, and it was glaringly Obvious, was the Fact that the President looked to Alcohol to be the Mediator in this disagreement and I support it completely.

Obama basically said, "We have a disagreement between two parties... We should Drynk!"... Preach, Barry!

America should have a "National Drynk Day".

It should be required participation, and if the day doesn't end in the largest brawl in History, then it should bring us closer together as a People!

Either way, some **** would certainly get settled.

I'm tha malcontent, and if you Vote for me in the next Election, I will work for you to get the People this Holiday Passed into Law.



tha malcontent



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