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a malcontent rant 08.20.2010



Shameless AP: "Finally, President Barack Obama can relax on vacation."

By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief August 18
, 5:10 AM MST

(ap) - Just when I Think the AP can't sink any Lower...

Oil spill and Iraq combat over, Obama takes break

Associated Press Writer Aug 20, 4:56 AM EDT

VINEYARD HAVEN, Mass. (AP) - Finally, President Barack Obama can relax on vacation.

The Gulf oil leak is plugged. The last combat troops are out of Iraq. And Congress is on its own summer break.


Wow... Just ****ing WOW...

It's as if he hasn't Vacationed at all... Not only not this Year, but since he began Campaigning 3 years ago...

He let a Bush Policy in Iraq happen and BP Plugged the Leak...

This was Exhausting for the President?...

He's done MORE on various Golf Courses in the last Month...

I mean, he did take his Daughter down there to the Gulf as a Political Prop to show everyone that the Water he said was Ruined for Generations is Magically Perfectly Safe now... Then he put her in the Water... While his Administration and the Government are trying to figure out what affect the Chemicals that BP put in there will have...

Seriously, of all of he Immoral things he's done as President...

No matter how many times I read that Headline and the Opening of this Story, I still can't believe the Intern Treatment they continue to Service this Inexperienced Hack with...

He's too big to Fail, Apparently.

Anyway, another day, another AP "News" story from the Wire that is little More than a Talking Point DIRECTLY from the White House itself.

If they had any Shame.



tha malcontent



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