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a malcontent rant 08.27.2008




Spoiled Bastard Protesters @ DNC are Molesting 1st Amendment!


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief August 27, 2008 3:30 AM MST

(ap) - The Protesters in my City @ the DNC are not Utilizing 1st Amendment Rights.

They are Self-Involved, Self-Gratifying Exhibitionists... They are not Making a Change, nor are they Redressing any Honest Grievance.

They are Adolescents and Adult Adolescents who are either Unoriginal Bastards Attempting to "Recreate" something they did NOT Live through, or they are the Original Unoriginal Bastards who are Trying to have one Last Event in their Ever Aging Baby Boom Life in a Futile Attempt to Find some Meaning in their, to this Point, Meaningless Existence.

Tiresome Bores... Each and every Last one of them.

"Freedom of Speech" is NOT Absolute, and Mobs and Mob Rule are NOT Protected under the 1st Amendment.

Get over yourselves you Petulant Children... And what's more, Take a Shower, put down the Drugs and get a ****ing Job.


If one Cop is Killed during this Convention because of these Hapless Cramholes and their Attention Whoring on my Streets Downtown, that Blood will be on EVERY "Protesters" Hands...

There is ZERO Point to these Protests Except to Endanger Property, Commerce, and Most Importantly Innocent Bystanders...

By Contrast, when these Jackholes get Clubbed, Sprayed or Possibly even Killed because of Rioting, they are getting what they have Coming...

This is Nothing More than Shameless Displays of Self, and with the Numbers they have, they are Little More than a Mindless, Aimless, Ignorant Mob.

Giving them a Venue only Encourages them in their Public Displays of Insanity.

I Wonder how Many of them are on "Disability" because of some BS "Breakdown" at 22 Years of Age, or are Guilty White Liberal Boulderite Trust Fund Pukes?...

These People are the Leeches of our Society, and it's Contemptible that they would go Further and Spit in the Face of the Very Party that Provides the Teat for them.


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tha malcontent

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