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a malcontent rant 08.31.2006



If Bush (43) is not Perfect, then he is a Failure


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
Aug 31, 3:40 AM MST

(ap) - Ernesto's Apparently NOT Katrina... Maybe the next one will be a Weapon Against Bush (43)!

I could Hear the Abject Disappointment in the "Free Press" Reports in the past couple of days.

The Fact that no War, no Natural Disaster and no Situation that is Possibly Conceivable for that matter, will ever be Handled Perfectly, Guarantees that the Left will call whatever Response the Bush (43) Administration will have a "Failure".

That is the Definition of Intellectual Dishonesty, and as it's been since the Crisis with China in 2001, it will be for the remaining 2 years of his Term.

I'm going to give a piece of Advice to my Adversaries on the Left...

Bush (43) can't Run for Re-Election again... Stop Wasting your Energy and Resources as if he is.

It looks as Petty as it is Hateful, and it will not Assist you in this coming Election, or in 2008.

We get it, he's the Village Idiot, he's an Evil Genius, he's a War Mongerer, he's a Puppet, he's a Liar and he's the Closest thing to Satan on this Earth since Richard Nixon...

And that hasn't Won you an Election since Algore Failed to Win his own Home State and Das(H)ole Stole the Senate with a Promise of a Committee Chair to a Whiny RINO, so why would you Think it will Win you anything now that your Punching Bag can't Run again?...

We get it, DemocRATS... Now move along, mmmkay.




tha malcontent

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