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a malcontent rant 09.04.2009



Does Glorious Leader Intend on Crashing Servers Tuesday?


By tha malcontent
ap/afp Editor in Chief
September 4th... 11:24 PM MST

(ap) - There are (2) Options with Barry on this...

1.) He Deliberately Intends on Crashing Servers in Schools all over the Nation to then Exploit a Problem that will Predictably have a Massive Federal Answer...

2.) He is Naive, Shortsighted and Incapable of the Forward Thinking that it Takes to Avoid the Consequences of Ignorant Actions... Like Most Liberals.

Which do you Think it is?...

And when the Servers Crash on Tuesday, Post it here...

My Wife's School has Rule for Tuesday... NO Live Streaming... It will be Recorded and Made Available Later PRECISELY because it will Crash their Servers.

This is what Happens when you Try to Act a Thief in the Night, Glorious Leader.

Next Time PREPARE your Victims!



tha malcontent



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